Bishops’ Chosen Quote

  Loyalty and disloyalty
                              Dag Heward-Mills

Watch out for brothers who make proposals to young ladies about marriage, only to disappoint them a few months later. A person who constantly makes promises and breaks them is unreliable. Do not think that unfaithfulness will remain in the arena of marital relationships. It will definitely spill over into his relationships with his colleague pastors.


…He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.    

                                                                                          Psalm 15:4


Unfaithfulness is a character flaw, and it transcends through every sphere of a person’s life. If he is unfaithful to his beloved (girlfriend) he is likely to be unfaithful to you one day. I respect people who say, “I will do this” and years later, they do exactly what they said they would do.


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