Bishops’ Chosen Quote

  Loyalty and disloyalty
                              Dag Heward-Mills

Judas was disappointed at the type of training he was undergoing.


He initially felt that joining the ministry team would elevate his status and give him opportunities to minister. To his surprise, he became an errand boy, a waiter an usher and a scavenger.


Judas the Usher

And Jesus said, Make the men sit down…                       John 6:10


Judas the Waiter

…the disciples [distributed food] to them that were set down…

                                                                                               John 6:11


Judas the Errand boy

…then sent Jesus two disciples,                                 Matthew 21:1


Judas the Scavenger

…Gather up the fragments that remain…                         John 6:12


Judas Was Humiliated

He was humiliated before thousands of people as he carried baskets of food from place to place. At a point, Judas thought to himself: this is not what I bargained for.

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