Bishops’ Chosen Quote

  Loyalty and disloyalty
                              Dag Heward-Mills



I do not know why some leaders never want to take any blame. We are all to blame sometimes. A true leader takes the blame for everything. One time something bad happened in our church. At a meeting of pastors, I told them it was my fault. They were surprised because they didn’t know how that unfortunate event related to me.


But I pointed out to them that I was to blame because I was the overall head. When two bad leaders meet, they will accuse each other of being at fault.


When two good leaders meet, they will fight to take the responsibility for any mishap. Remember how Adam shifted the blame to his wife? And how the wife shifted the blame to the serpent? Unfortunately, the serpent had no one to shift the blame to.


…The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, SHE GAVE ME…

                                                                                         Genesis 3:12

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