From The Bishop’s Heart

May 2017


Hello Saints,
       Ok April was full, fast; a lot of hard work by a lot of hard working people made it a powerful time in God. Thank you to those who are praying and fasting. Thank you to those who without complaint or wavering do the work of God. Thank you to those who embrace the future and are excited about change. Thank you to those who love without conditions and allow nothing to stop God moving through them. Despite what Satan does, despite whom or what he uses. We are a very powerful body of believers. Our vision is from above, his presence is constant, and our hope is greater than ever. A lot of much anointed word came forth last month. As praises went up glory came down. Resurrection day was wonderful, many healings were manifested, and several salvations came about through the month. I refuse to fall prey to deception and get caught up in negative or gossip. I look forward to loving those who claim to dislike or even hate me. Matthew 5:44 says it all, we need to obey that command and it is a command not a request.
Thank you Pastor Sonya and all who helped to make the Easter Egg hunt in the park a success; lots of people, lots of laughter, fun, prizes, and candy. Thank you to those who came and supported the event.
Thank you Pastor Tomika, special events, and all who helped to make the activities after service on Easter a great time for our kids.
Recently I stopped to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’m much older, I battle diabetes daily, I don’t seem to have the energy I once had. My body hurts most of the time, but you know what. I’m busier than I’ve ever been, I’m more excited than ever, and vision is exploding within. I Pastor the greatest church in the world, the greatest people in the world. Our future is better than ever, God’s best is yet to come.
Thank you to those who participated in feast of unleavened bread. Some major cleaning was done, painting and several projects accomplished. I see Food Pantry and feed the multitude surging.
The blessing box out front is touching people daily. The youth continue to work very hard for their trip to Anchor Bays Convention in Branson MO. If you took an envelope and made a pledge, please keep it and get in as soon as possible. Lil Angels went to Golden Corral and Tribe of Judah got rained out. All ministries are steady and anointed for the taking of our city. Praise God for new members and the return of some awesome people of God.
The last Sunday of April the Lord made a powerful statement and gave us clear direction. We have always been a church who loves and helps All people. Now we must love more, do more for such a time as this.
I’ve never seen a world so out of control. Never have I seen so much pain and so many people in need. Now is the time to shine our light. Now when darkest seems to be darker than ever is when the Light of God can and will shine brighter than it ever has. Nevertheless, we are those who carry the torch. Lift it higher, carry it further, and above all keep it lit.
God bless you All, I love you with all my heart.

With All My Heart! Love,

Bishop Keith Conard