From The Bishop’s Heart

December 2017

Hello Saints,

Happy New Year!  The old has passed away, and all things are new.  Have you been praying and asking God not about New Year’s resolutions but true direction?  I’ve been asking people, “Are you hearing the voice of God?”  If you’re praying and reading His Word daily then you have to be hearing His voice.  If you’re not hearing His voice, something is blocking it, something is wrong.  He loves you very much, and He longs to speak to you and touch your life.  God has a perfect plan for you in this New Year, and He wants you to know it.  That plan will heal what’s broken; it will free what’s being held captive, and it will save what is lost, I promise.  It really is time to get back to hearing God.


I appreciate those who deliver God’s Word.  I enjoy reading a good Godly book or watching an awesome anointed service on TV.  More than that, I enjoy being in church here at home where His presence is very strong.  However, my time alone with God is my major source of life.


My conversations with the all-knowing creator of the universe leave me feeling refreshed and confident knowing “through Him all things are possible.”  He talks to me, not just through other sources, but also directly to me.  He wants that kind of relationship with you.  So if you’ve never really opened the channels for God to speak to you, let this be the year.  Your life will take an amazing change.  If it’s broken, healing will come.  If it’s good, it will get a lot better.


December was in just a few words: powerful, wonderful, amazing, and blessed by the Lord.  Services were, as always, spirit filled and anointed.


Santa’s Castle, the Angel Tree, and Hope Bags for the homeless and hurting all went great.  I’ve always known, and now I’ve been reassured, F.E.C. is the greatest church in the world.  The people of



F.E.C. are workers, and they are givers.  The unselfish acts I witness each day are nothing short of miracles.  Often we say obedience is better than sacrifice.  That’s true, and if you obey, you will sacrifice.  God still today requires sacrifice not bulls, sheep and those types of things, but our heart.  He requires that we serve Him with all our heart.  If we do, then the obedience and sacrifice come easy.  Jesus said, “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”  Let’s go into 2018 loving God with all our heart.


I want to thank our Praise and Worship Team, Unchained Dance and youth, Purpose Driven Puppets, Pastor Tracy Flager, Pastor Jaron and Rachell Warner.  You all blessed us at Jesus’ Birthday Party on the 24th.  We had a packed house, and they were touched by God’s presence.


For a long time now, I’ve patiently waited listening to the Lord about the New Year and transition.  I am now confident and moving forward with all He has spoken into my spirit.  I’m very excited, like a kid about to open a present.  I can’t wait to see what’s inside.


The Spirit of Expectation is the breeding ground for a double portion miracle.  More than that, I want you to want it with me.  Let’s walk together.  Let’s start our new journey together and finish together.  We will, I’m sure, encounter some battles along the way, but we will overcome all the enemy puts in our path.


It’s time to glean all the promises and goodness of God.  Leave nothing behind, cover every inch of the field of souls you’re standing in.  Protect your mind and guard your heart.  Do good, please God, work ministry and serve The Master.


Be a blessing

With all my heart



Bishop Keith Conard