From The Bishop’s Heart

February 2019

Hello Saints, 
We are very much into the new year. We can honestly say winter has shown up and let us know she is alive and well. It has calmed the fears of those who are concerned about climate change LOL! But we know better days lie ahead and soon we will be in shorts and mowing grass, not jeans and shoveling snow. We here at Faith Evangelistic Center are living and looking for God’s promises every day.
There have been many who have lately experienced His touch and many more soon will. We continue to fight an enemy that is relentless, he will not give up. But as we push forward sometimes weary, sometimes wounded in some way we know we will win, we will fight not alone for God is with us (Isaiah 41:10) Our God cannot nor will He ever be defeated. If your on his side you to will win.
There is a bit of let’s say walking softly here at Faith Evangelistic Center right now. We are a fast pace, high energy, don’t stop kind of people.But as we came into the New Year I sensed God saying move carefully,one step at a time, but don’t stop. It’s almost like there are things we need to make sure we don’t miss. I feel a calm before the storm, a suddenly coming on. The bible says and suddenly there came a sound, or shaking, or something that took people by surprise. Now here’s thething, God knew it all along. And that’s what I feel, that God is bringingus to a suddenly.
We had some amazing moments in January. The new Boyz 2 Men program is going great. Then yet another young men’s support group began just the 27th. Lil’ Angles girl group had a ton of fun at their annuallock-in. We began what we call Insight Night twice a month. It was onceGroup Night but now I’m praying that it’s not only a place where peopleget a chance to discuss life’s issues but learn more about how toconquer and overcome those issues. Pastor Gladys and I traveled to Zanesville Ohio to do a funeral service for a great woman of God. Jody Adams is and will always be someone I will admire for her amazing faith and love for God. It was a blessing to have with us Apostle Dan Biggs all day on the 27th. He taught us many principles concerning theMarketplace. It’s just the beginning but it gives us a firm foundation to build on.
We are in what we call the season of the slingshot. We handed out over one hundred slingshots to our youth and kids. We have put some responsibility along with accountability on them that can bring them great reward. Our Sliver Saints nursing home ministry is now called Living Waters. I must admit I like the change. Feed the Multitude, Food Pantry, and Blessing box continue to feed a lot of people. More than ever they are coming in large numbers.
As the New Year approached and as we move forward, we know God is asking us for more. When the battle increases we to must increase. The more lost, broken, sick, confused people become the more we must do. You cannot survive today’s battle by fighting the way you did in thepast. We do not deal with the enemies of our country like we didGermany, Japan, Korea, or Vietnam. There’s a greater way, we have done more to improve our military. There’s less wounds, less death, andless destruction.
As I close, I ask you to not just pray but intercede. Don’t just read theBible, read the Bible. I’m very excited about our new choir and dramateam. We have enough to begin right away. Let me know if you want to be a part of it, we are going to have a blast. We also need a nursery director. If this is something you feel you could do see Pastor Tanya. I love you all and thank you for always being there.
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard