From The Bishop’s Heart

April 2019

Hello Saints,
Praise the Lord, spring has arrived. The birds, squirrels, and honestly all of creation is alive and active. The abundance of sunshine and warmer temperatures has helped to lift spirits, and energize us to get out and do more. There have been many days where neighborhood kids have flown kites across the street in an open field. One afternoon I played Frisbee with my great grandson.
I wonder, do we stop and thank God for all of this? He’s the one who supplies the sun and warm temperatures. He created the earth, and all that is in and on it. I know this; despite bad weather, hurting hearts, minds, and sprits, we here at Faith Evangelistic Center praise the Lord, and we do it with our heart. That’s why stuff or circumstance cannot stop us, we serve with our heart; you can tell the difference, the flesh pleases its self and the heart will always sacrifice. I’ve seen a great deal of sacrifice around Faith Evangelistic Center. It’s always been a part of who we are and always will be. Lately even more so. I thank God every day for the people He has surrounded me with. God told me many years ago He would send them, and He has.
We left March a grateful people. The Lord did amazing things and we expect much more this month. It seems as though we have been waiting, holding ground, and anticipating what we are now beginning to see. Our annual change war began and as always, we have a lot of fun while we use it to move mountains. This year’s funds go towards thenew central air and heating in the Clubhouse that’s already been installed. It’s always good to get past setting the clock up. I like havingmore daylight but do people realize we would have it anyway?
We’ve seen the rise of the new Drama team and Choir. Both aregrowing and blessing in a way only they can. Our new General Store for our youth continues to bring smiles. Thank you for those who help and to those who contribute in anyway. I had made a promise to a lot of kids and youth who met a challenge I put in front of them. With the help of the same great and mighty people of God that promise came true. Our teens and kids are very special. Recently I shared with a young lady to step out and trust God with the gift that He gave her. I asked an 11- year-old young man to join the Praise and Worship team. Pastor Pam Seber ministered to the Lord in dance and His presence fell among us. The Evangelism team is growing and there’s a fresh spirit of visionamong them all.
At Faith Evangelistic Center we have entered what we call the Season of the Cross. Four weeks before Easter our hearts and minds begin to dwell on that place of sacrifice, Calvary. And always I ask if Jesus could give all He had why can’t we? It is a special time of the year. Every dayis Gods day but this time of the year there’s just that special feeling thathope, trust, and life is being restored.
Change is an everyday occurrence around here. Pretty much nothingstays the same. But that’s good it’s a sign of life. Too many get caughtup in habitual living. Doing the same things the same way day in and day out. That creates a cloud around them where they can’t see beyond themselves. Our God is greater than status quo. He’s bigger than we are and the struggles we have. So if it’s been awhile since you’velooked up or around go ahead and give it a try.
Thank you for standing with the Lord and I. You are all very special people with strengths and gifts that God will use to change the world
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard