From The Bishop’s Heart

October 2018

Hello Saints, 
September is over and Fall has arrived. It still hasn’t made up its mind whether it is hot or cold. But it is that time of year when we welcome change. Cooler temperatures and brighter colors seem to energize us all in one way or another. I am always quick to let people know this is my favorite time of year. Fall is when nature begins to dose off. The hurry up, the fast pace we all live begins to slow down just a little. Our minds start to consider how cold it will soon be. We prepare for less and know our days will be shorter. I guess I am saying we adjust to whatever comes our way. Hot, cold, rain, snow, or sunshine we will do all God asks of us. His Kingdom marches on and nothing will stop it. He is God on the mountain and God in the valley. He is God of the good times and He is the God in the tough times. The point is He is God always and forever.
We have seen Him move this past month in ways that shook foundations and made mountains move. Several who have struggled with health issues are healed and back in church. Financial miracles have been manifested in both small and great ways. Salvation, restorations, direction, and hope are touching lives and changing hearts. There are so many events, services, and things that go on here at F.E.C. Really, I can’t talk about just a few.
Here is a quick run-down of how it all went last month. “GO TEAM” youth had a bake sale. The men had a BBQ. Second Chance Ranch had a bake auction. First Responders appreciation gift baskets were sent to all the police and fire stations here in Leavenworth and Lansing. Tribe of Judah played wiffle ball, Lil’ Angels had their annual Princess Day. Anchor Bay held their first annual women’s conference here. We had our last church picnic of the year. Better Opportunities had lunch and fellowship. Now… put 3 services a week, Bible studies, support groups, board meetings, staff meetings, practices, feeding programs and outreach in there; what you have is busy… supersonic busy! None of it is seasonal. It goes on year round. I was taught long ago that churches are not built on Sundays and Wednesdays, but 7 days a week is how we build and maintain. We serve God every day. We do not pause, hesitate, lie down, or quit. Ministry is not part of life, it is life. Recently I ministered on blessing the Lord at all times. When we truly understand where we would be without God; no heartbeat, no breath, no life, then we will begin to appreciate who He is and just how much we all need Him.
I want to thank some people for their efforts this past month in an excellent way: Dan Stock, Henry Grigsby, John Flager, Courtney Castro, and Ben Skeen. There are others who deserve honor, but these went above and beyond what they normally do. Truth is… I am amazed by our leadership. All of them are dedicated to the cause of Christ in a way that words cannot describe.
Please keep Gladys and me in your prayers. We have a lot of traveling to do from now until the middle of November. Then my hope is that we can settle down through the holidays. There are a lot of things to do here, and everywhere. The Lord has gone before us. He has made the way, and we will follow. 
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard