From The Bishop’s Heart

August 2017


Hello Saints,


July is done, August has arrived, and we face just another week or two of what they call “The Dog Days of Summer.”  We have experienced some awful heat, but already it is cooling down. 


It’s that time of year where Back to School is just over.  We gave away as many backpacks, bags, and supplies as we could.  Thank you everyone for doing your part.  We need everyone on board no matter what we do. 


Both Lil’ Angels and Tribe of Judah had events that got them wet, and I don’t blame them a bit.  Everyone is so excited about the new “Youth Center.”  We have also been pushing for help in our “Children’s Ministry.”  Today more than ever, we must invest in these areas and young adults.  As many put it, “they are the church of today, not tomorrow.”  I am always proud of how our youth and young adults work in ministry.  In our almost 31 years they have always been involved, and that is the way you, “train them in the way they should go.”  (Proverbs 22:6)


Congratulations to Anne Pinkerton our new Pioneer Club President and to Pam Day, Pioneer Club Vice President.  Cassandra Day is our new Market Place leader.  Both ministries are vital to certain age groups in a powerful way.  Everyday ministries engage trying to help all people, and glorify God.  I am grateful for those who step up, and take on responsibility of ministry; willing to be held accountable for the cause of Christ.  I am stepping back from somethings as they step up. 


I am overwhelmed each day with the burden of a load that is often difficult to carry.  My life is God, it is ministry, but I am reminded that I am human in many ways: weariness, aches and pains, mind overload and more.  It all reminds me that without Him we can do nothing.


Each passing day, week, month, and year I see God moving, meeting every need, healing, setting people free, and saving whomever calls

on His name.  We must work while it is still light.  We must seize every opportunity to please God, and help the least of people.  He said when we do that… we do it unto Him.  (Matthew 25:40) 


Several of us were blessed to be a part of an Anchor Bay Conference in Iowa.  There was great preaching, teaching, and discussion along with fellowship which all was anointed by God.  Wonderful people from many different places gathered to encourage and strengthen one another in a special way. 


I had the honor of meeting with many men and women of God this past month.  Everyone is looking to the Lord for something fresh and new, that would include me.  I am always expecting the unexpected; from our youngest to our oldest, from Nursery to the Pioneer Club.  In every service, every ministry, every program we seek to do God’s will. 


I told the church recently that I feel as though I am an old grump.  I don’t mean to be, but I have never seen people distracted from God as they are these days.  It used to be people were distracted by holidays, summer time, jobs, and school stuff, etc…  Now it’s everything, all the time year round.  Maybe, it’s just me…I don’t think so.  The spirit of anti-christ is alive and well and we must war against it, or we will lose by default.  That is what satan is counting on.  I have always kept God in front of my family, career, holidays, school functions, and myself. 


Therefore, as summer closes and fall draws near, do a self-check and make sure you are not overlooking something that might bite you later.  There was a man who had a pet snake and he had it for years.  One day while putting food in its cage, it bit him.  It was then that he realized pet or not it is still a snake.


Protect your minds, and keep your hearts clear and clean.


With All My Heart


Bishop Keith Conard