From The Bishop’s Heart

December 2018

Hello Saints, 
   This will be the last From the Bishop’s Heart for 2018. I want to look back and remind you of all the great things God has done, but the spirit drives me forward, not back. God’s not done, He’s still doing lots of great things. It’s not the end of anything; it’s an ongoing, ever-increasing constant move from above. I think sometimes we spend too much time looking at what He has done and not enough time at what He’s doing. Yes seasons come and seasons go, changes take place but God remains God. He does not come and go, He always is. He does not change, He is always the same. He does not have highs and lows, good times and bad. His plan never changes. His will is constant and cannot be stopped. Honestly I’m excited more for the future than the past. I’ve loved my journey with the Lord, but I’m glad I’m moving on to greater. What I expect now is so much bigger than anything I’ve ever imagined. My life has been amazing. Now at 60 years old I feel like I’m just beginning and only God can do that. God has given us our Promise Land, now we must possess it. When Israel first came to Jordan they did not cross because they feared the giants. 40 years later their children came to the same place and faced the same giants. They crossed over and defeated every enemy and took their promise. Please do not leave it up to the children to fight our battles. Now is the appointed time, now is the day of salvation. Joshua and Caleb were the only two who remained from the generation past. They were also the only two who said they could defeat the giants 40 years ago. I believe spiritually that’s where FEC was and is. Many who began with us are no longer with us now. I’m not talking about those who have passed away. I’m talking about those who have quit; the fearful, those who rebel and those who allow the enemy to rule over them in body, mind and spirit. What about you, are you the past or the future? Will you lead or lay down? Now is our greatest moment, now like never before we shall see God’s best for His children.

I realize it’s the past victories and so many mighty warriors that havehelped to bring us this far. The double portion door has closed. Gleaning the fields is almost over. But our promises are ahead of us. There are warriors among us, warriors that are yet to be revealed. I see them in our youth and our children.

With God we will never be defeated. When you quit you lose, when you disobey you will be destroyed. You, this church, are very special. You carry a spirit that knows its destiny. You get weary but you find strength. You go down but you get up. You fear but faith conquers it. We are on the right side of our Jordan. Our swords are sharp and our shields have been reinforced. The enemy sees us coming and panics.The promises of God are true and they belong to us. Let’s go and take what God said is ours.   Thank you to all who took a child’s name from the Angel tree. Thank you bus and van drivers, thank you janitors, thank you maintenance men. Thank you Security, and office personnel. For all you do that no one ever notices, thank you. Thank you God for November, but thank you for a Mighty December.

With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard