From The Bishop’s Heart

October 2017

Hello Everyone,
We are now in my favorite time of year. I like Fall; it’s cool, it’s
beautiful and it’s that time of year that God has done so many
wonderful things. I began ministry in October as a Youth Pastor long, long ago. My birthday is this month and the list goes on. Of course, God is always moving throughout the year. Every day He saves, heals, and delivers. However, it’s just that I have so many, what I call God moments this time of year. I can’t help but remember His grace and mercy, His love and His call on my life in the Fall.
September brought us a lot to remember, and be thankful for. The
last picnic of the year brought out a lot of people. The fellowship was great, and the food was too. We completed two Missions projects and began another. We sent another case of Bibles to Africa and Christmas toys, clothes and personal hygiene items to the Native Americans. In addition, we have begun a goal to drill a fresh water well where they have no water. Pastor Tomika Coffey is our Missions director and is doing a great job.
I’m thankful to see God moving in many areas. Our youth and
children’s ministries are growing in many ways. That causes our
transportation ministry to grow, like it or not, lol! Our church staff,
office, maintenance, janitorial, etc. are also growing.
On “Group Night” in September, I noticed our men are now crunched downstairs, because the youth have what was once the Learning Center. It is now the Youth Center, and God is showing me that once again we need more room. I’m praying and putting it in His hands.Thank the Lord we do have more drivers for transportation, and more help in children’s ministry.
Many changes are bringing about transitions along with fresh vision and an increase in faith corporately. Individuals are being blessed with new jobs, pay raises, cars, homes, and health. We saw a number of salvations take place last month, and that is the greatest blessing of all. I could go on and on about all the events, and ministries and all God is doing. However, it’s time for me to use this once a month tool to communicate other things as well.
Every day the Lord speaks into my spirit a word for the future. There are times it’s difficult to keep up with all He is doing and tells me what He is about to do. I see people struggle with change. They want things to be as they always were. There’s a reason we use words like past, present and future. The past is what was, the present what is and the future what will be. No matter how good or bad it is, it is what it is. Everything grows, if it grows it lives and it will change. If it’s not growing, it’s not changing because it’s dead.
F.E.C. will celebrate 31 years October 26th. For 31 years, we’ve grown in many ways because we are not afraid to change. I like change, I embrace change, I do not fear change. Every day I hear of new dreams, hopes, and vision. Some people embrace the future. They look forward and not behind. Our dreams, hopes, and vision are in our future not our past. We should appreciate our past and our present.God uses those to create our future. I simply refuse to live a life based on what should have been, what I wish it could be, or have regrets. I will not allow Satan to steal my future by using my past.The future is where we are going, there is destiny in front of us, and our hope is in what will be.
Saddle up your horses; we’ve got a trail to blaze. The best is yet to
come. I’m glad you’ve been a part of what was, but I’m far more
excited that you’re a part of what will soon be. Thank you F.E.C. for a wonderful September, but brace yourself for October. It’s going to be awesome!
With All My Heart
Bishop Keith Conard