From The Bishop’s Heart

May 2018

Hello Saints,
It has arrived, thank you Jesus. Spring is here. It took some time. I felt like winter was here to stay, but spring won and the beauty of it is everywhere. I’m sure you’re like me, and you’re trying to keep up with the grass and all the things that come with keeping everything beautiful.

I traveled a great deal in April. We were in Arkansas, Texas, and Virginia. It all had to do with ministry, and it’s exciting to see how God moves across our nation. In May, we are headed back to Arkansas, and then Illinois.

Easter was blessed, and God’s presence was, as always, wonderful. Rain and snow kept us from our outside plans, but it all turned out awesome. We did have our big annual hunt in the park. Despite the cold, we had a huge crowd. I am always so proud of every one who works very hard to make so much happen for our community.

Feast of Unleavened Bread went well. Thank you to all who worked to get so much done on campus those few days. We all know that ministry is teamwork. What would the arm do without the hand? If everyone were a foot, we could accomplish nothing.

I’ve begun Caleb’s Coffee time at my home again. A handful of men meet every other month for coffee, donuts, and fellowship. We had a great seminar with Dr. Roger Wilcoxen on the 28th. We received an amazing amount of information on healing the body, mind, and spirit.

There are many meetings taking place among our fivefold ministry teams. We have a long way to go, but step by step we are climbing and we are growing in God. Many programs that have been around a long time are still blessing, helping, and healing our community. Food Pantry, Feed the Multitude, Brother to Brother, Lamb’s Inn, S.O.W. and many more.

Our ministry in Juvenile Corrections is going on its 6th year. Our first church picnic of the year is coming up on the 20th, and we will celebrate Mother’s Day on the 13th. Then there are all the ministries that touch people every day.

Our services on Sunday, and Wednesday night always take us into God’s presence. I want to say thank you to the ministries and people whom fast. To our Fervent Prayer team who prays through the week, God bless you all who diligently give of yourselves so others may know the Lord.

There is a shifting, change as the transition continues here at F.E.C. Our involvement with Anchor Bay is growing as together we take this gospel around the world. We are not the church we use to be, but we are not yet what we should be.

My heart leaps within me when I see people growing in God. Some of our leaders have truly stepped up to a new level. I see hope, faith, courage, and determination among many that have been broken for years. There is a move of the Spirit of God we have never encountered. Its new life, a new beginning, another chance, and a rebirth. God is not dead, He’s very much alive, and very much in charge of the lives and things He’s allowed to be.

He will not do anything unless asked. Satan is the opposite; he will butt into our business. Crowd his way into our lives and try to force his thoughts and plans on us, but if our minds and hearts are covered with the blood of Jesus, we will always come out of the battle victorious.

I will stop now but never quit. I pray you will be blessed and walk in God’s favor.

With all my heart
Bishop Keith Conard