From The Bishop’s Heart

July 2018

Hello Saints,
We are in what many call “the dog days of summer”. It s supposed to be the hottest time of summer. Personally, I think the dog ran through in June. The temperatures have not been bad and now we have received much needed rain. God is good, and He knows what we need and when we need it.
There were many blessings in July. My first month as the President of Anchor Bay had me on the go, on the road, and on the phone. We are seeing a move of God in a way we have not seen in a long time. Faith Evangelistic Center is a major part of Anchor Bay and the two, plus Second Chance Ranch, prevents grass from growing under our feet.
I have noticed a lot more people smile these days. Faith is strong and hopes are very high. We celebrated the 4th of July with a church picnic; plenty of food, people, and fellowship made it a great day. Unity Prayer was, as always, well attended. We are now interceding. No longer do just a few pray on a team,but all month long, many have picked up their sword and have begun to intercede and fast on a level, that has hell’s attention.
I have got to say our Corporate Board, Office Staff, and Pastors have stepped up to a level they have never been on and it s lifting the whole church. In seeing this and hearing this, my heart as a pastor and spiritual father leaps within my chest. What a blessing to see what is happening in all their lives. I believe this will continue, and we will see miracles manifest themselves again in amazing ways.
Several of us attended a conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Thank you to Pastor Henry and Pastor Tanya for blessing those who were there. Thank you Pastor Linda and all who pitched in to help with a great teacher s workshop. The teacher s workshop was full of information and no doubt will make every teacher a better one. It was an honor to meet with four outstanding children’s pastors.Our purpose was and is to ignite a fire within Anchor Bay that will wake people up about the need to bring children into the House of God. Without kids, churches cannot survive; they will die. It s sad to think so many do not invest in children. They are the life’s blood of all we do.
There is always so much going on every day. There are so many ministries and programs at work reaching out to all who will listen. Every day we plow the ground, glean the field, and share the Gospel. It s not a twice a week Gospel, it’s an everyday Gospel. You don’t build a church or relationship once or twice a week; you do it every day, every way, with everybody doing their part. I praise God for all He has put together here and abroad. I thank Him for using all of us to work it.
In closing I need to say something to those who are wondering what is going on. Good things are happening, God is blessing. I am not leaving. I will be on the go, but like Moses, I will come down from the mountain. I have never heard God speak more clearly than He is right now. Our pastors are strong; they are people of wisdom. The pastors are here for you, they will help you. When I am away, they got my back and will cover you.
I love all of you with all my heart. Let s keep walking together as one and defeat every enemy that rises against us!
In His service and yours,
Bishop Keith Conard