“Leavenworth – God’s Kind of Town”

Declaration of Destiny

We believe Leavenworth is God’s kind of town. He died for Leavenworth on the cross. When He took His last breath, He thought of Leavenworth. When He emerged victorious from the tomb He did so for Leavenworth.He had Leavenworth on His mind when He sent His disciples to the far reaches of the world. He is coming for the citizens of Leavenworth who await His return; who have pledged allegiance beyond the limits of Leavenworth to His Eternal City and everlasting Kingdom.

Him the meantime, we are called to a great task. We reach Leavenworth one soul at a time. It’s not an easy assignment, but doable with His grace and power. Leavenworth is a battleground, not a playground. It’s a city the enemy has staked out as his territory.

We now declare God’s intent, and our destiny, for the city we love and are called to serve. We will not allow the enemies of our God and King to have one more inch of Leavenworth. We are here to declare victory and open her up as an outpost of God’s eternal Kingdom.

Our church has been called to open up deaf ears to the Good News of the Gospel. We have been summoned to open up prison doors for spiritual captives. We have been ordered by our King to open our arms to people of all races. We have been commanded to open our hearts to the poor, the needy and the suffering.

We are in Leavenworth to open up the Word of God to the spiritually ignorant. We are here to open up the hearts of all Christians for evangelism and encouragement. We have been commissioned to build the altar of God in the center of our government, educational institutions and the marketplace.

We believe this is God’s intent and our destiny, but we cannot do it alone or in our own strength. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Thus, we declare our intent to seek God until He visits our church and Leavenworth again with a fresh Pentecostal outpouring that adds to His church daily.

We open our ears and hearts to hear the voice of God and His message for our generation. We open our dusty prayer closets to seek His face as never before. We open our schedules to divine appointments He brings us every day. We open our wallets and purses and sow seeds that bring an eternal harvest. We pray for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through our lives, our church and Leavenworth. Blow away anything that hinders the full expression of God’s demonstrated love for Leavenworth.

Heavenly Father, Leavenworth is your kind of town. In the mighty name of your Son, we declare war against Satan and sin. We are not here to engage in a skirmish or retreat after a single battle – but to do war until You come back. Fill us with Your Spirit. Empower us by Your Word. Dress us with Your divine armor. We are poised within Leavenworth to strike upon Your command. Make bare Your mighty arm on our behalf, and we shall present Leavenworth to You as a jewel for your everlasting crown on that day – the Great Day of the Lord.