Pastor’s Impartations

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2020 Impartations


2019 Impartations

12/15/2019: HOLE vs WHOLE by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
12/01/2019: THE SECOND DEATH by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
11/15/2019: Life Challenges Love by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
11/01/2019: YOU KNOW! by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
10/15/2019: What Did You by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
10/01/2019: John 8:36 by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
09/15/2019: What’s Normal? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
09/01/2019: I Became by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
08/15/2019: What Will You Suffer For? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
08/01/2019: What Will You… by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
07/15/2019: Is it Real? Or… by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
07/01/2019: And Then There Was by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
06/15/2019: Follow the GPS by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
06/01/2019: Who Am I? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
05/15/2019: What Is Discernment? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
05/01/2019: A Study In Romans by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
04/15/2019: Shekinah Glory by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
04/01/2019: What will you suffer for? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
03/15/2019: THE VOTE IS YOURS by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
03/01/2019: Perseverance of JOB by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
02/15/2019: John 8 by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
02/01/2019: Nothing New Under the Sun by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
01/15/2019: How To Know If by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
01/01/2019: I DID IT by Pastor Larry Pinkerton

2018 Impartations

12/15/2018: Love Is by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
12/01/2018: OH by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
11/15/2018: One Happy Moment by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
11/01/2018: STAND UP by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
10/15/2018: How Strong Faith? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
10/01/2018: How Low Can One Go? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
09/15/2018: Come Out Jezebel by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
09/01/2018: IDENTITY CRISIS?! by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
08/15/2018 A Fate Worse by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
08/01/2018 Lust of the Eyes By Pastor Melany Blevins 
07/15/2018 All Things Become New by Minister Catherine Wilcox
06/15/2018 Walk with God 2 by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
06/15/2018 Walk with God 1 by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
06/01/2018: Love by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
05/01/2018: The Tongue by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
04/15/2018: HOW HARD LOVE? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
04/01/2018: DO NOT LOSE HEART! by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
03/15/2018: How To Pray by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
03/01/2018: DO NOT LOSE HEART by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
02/15/2018″ ANATOMY 101 by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
02/01/2018: WRATH by Pastor Terry Gordon
01/15/2017: GOD’S 7 APPOINTED FEASTS by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
01/01/2018: GOD’S SEVEN FEASTS by Pastor Larry Pinkerton

2017 Impartations

12/15/2017: God’s Holy Convocations by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
12/01/2017 God’s Feasts by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
11/15/2017 Revelation of Job by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
11/01/2017: Hidden Junk by Minister Richard Hagemaster
10/15/2017: A Fate Worse Than Death by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
10/01/2017: HOW TO OCCUPY by Pastor Larry Pinkerton 
09/15/2017: Old vs New Testament by Bishop Keith Conard 
09/01/2017: The Church of God – A Divine Organ by Minister Richard Hagemaster
08/15/2017: Uncertain Future? by Pastor Terry Gordon
08/01/2017: CIRCUMCISE WHAT???? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
07/15/2017: Are You Ready? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
07/01/2017: Unity for Christ by Minister Catherine Wilcox
06/15/2017: What Are You Waiting For? by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
06/01/2017: A GENTLE NUDGE by Pastor Larry Pinkerton
05/15/2017: Forgiveness by Minister Catherine Wilcox
05/01/2017: Miracles of Jesus By Pastor Terry Gordon
04/15/2017: Women in Ministry By Bishop Keith Conard
04/01/2017: Titles for Christ (2) By Pastor Terry Gordon
03/15/2017: Titles for Christ (1) By Pastor Terry Gordon
03/01//2017: Daniel Chapter 9 By Bishop Keith Conard
02/15/2017: Beauty is in the Eye of God by Minister Catherine Wilcox
02/01/2017: Wave Offering by Bishop Keith Conard
01/15/2017 Titles for Christ…  by Pastor Terry Gordon
01/01/2017: The Tithe by Bishop Keith Conard

2016 Impartations

12/18/2016: Women in Ministry by Bishop Keith Conard
12/11/2016: “Perfect” by Bishop Keith Conard
12/04/2016: Titles for Christ By Pastor Terry A Gordon
11/20/2016: God’s Forgiveness of Sin by Pastor Terry A Gordon
10/16/2016: Self-Control (Discipline) by UnderPastor Eboni Parris
10/02/2016: Twelve Symbols #12 By Pastor Terry A Gordon
09/25/2016: A Seat Belt 4 Life By Minister Catherine Wilcox
09/18/2016: Twelve Symbols #11 by Pastor Terry A. Gordon
09/11/2016: Finding Your Praise By Pastor Jana Holt
09/04/2016: Twelve Symbols #8 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon
08/28/2016: Twelve Symbols #9 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon
08/21/2016: Twelve Symbols #10 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon 
08/14/2016: Twelve Symbols #6 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon
08/07/2016: Against Your Calling By Pastor Melany Blevins 
08/14/2016: Smile… You Are On God’s Mind By Minister Catherine Wilcox 
07/31/2016: Twelve Symbols #7 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon 
07/24/2016: Smile… You Are On God’s Mind By Minister Catherine Wilcox 
07/17/2016: No Excuses By Minister Richard Hagemaster 
07/10/2016: Twelve Symbols #5 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon
06/26/2016: Membership In The Church Minister Richard Hagemaster
6/12/16: Mercy By Pastor Linda A. Skeen
6/05/16: Twelve Symbols #4 By Pastor Terry Gordon
5/31/16: Perfect By Bishop Keith Conard
5/24/16: A Life Less Ordinary By Pastor Jana Holt
5/17/16: Twelve Symbols #3 By Pastor Terry A Gordon Jr.
5/10/16: Twelve Symbols By Pastor Terry A Gordon Jr.
5/3/16: Tongues By Bishop Keith Conard
4/26/16: Healing Two Hearts By Minister Catherine Wilcox
4/19/16: Twelve Symbols by Pastor Terry A Gordon Jr.
4/12/16: The “I AM” Statement #7 By Pastor Terry A Gordon Jr.
4/5/16: “God’s House” by Bishop Keith Conard
3/29/16:“Once saved always saved…’NOT’!!!” By Bishop Keith Conard
3/22/16:  The “I AM” Statement #6 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.
3/15/16: Prayer-Part 1 By Minister Sue Reynolds
3/9/16:A Heart Waxed Cold By Minister Richard Hegemaster
3/1/16: Biblical Healing for Rejection By Minister Catherine Wilcox
2/23/16:Be Careful How You Listen By Pastor Linda A. Skeen
2/16/16:The “I AM” Statements #5 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.
2/9/16:“Jesus Wept” John 11:35 By Minister Richard Hegemaster
2/2/16:Conditions for New Spiritual Birth by Minister Richard Hegemaster
1/27/16: Faith* Hope* Love By Minister Catherine Wilcox
1/12/16: The “I AM” Statements #4 By Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.

2015 Impartations