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Nursery: ages 0-2
Primary Teacher: Ms. Terry & Pstr Melany
Sub: Ms. LeAnne
Preschool/Butter Bears: ages 3-4
Primary Teachers: Mr. Kenny and Ms. Pam
Subs: U.Pstr April
Beginners: Age 5—Grade 1
Primary Teacher: Ms. Julia
Sub: Ms. Elaine
Primary: Grades 2 & 3
Primary Teacher: U.Pstr Eboni
Sub: Pstr Jana
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Middlers/Tweens: Grades 4—6
Primary Teacher: Clay and Pstr Pam Seber
Sub: Ms. Kyli
Jr. High Teens: Grades 7—8
Primary Teacher: Pstr Tanya
Sub: Pstr Gladys
Sr. High Teens: Grades 9—12
Primary Teacher: Pstr Tomika
Sub: Pstr Henry
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Bold: ages 18—29
Primary Teacher: U.Pstr Jaron Warner
Sub: “OPEN”


Adult Classes are taught by several rotating teachers