02/01/2018: WRATH

Praise the Lord saints!
Today we take a brief look at the word wrath.
Wrath simply means strong anger or indignation. Human wrath may be kindled by false accusation (Gen 31: 36) or by disobedience (Numbers 31: 14-18). God’s wrath is righteous, and exercised against ungodliness (Romans 1:18) Idolatry (Psalms 78: 58, 59) and unbelief (John 3: 36)
Gen31: 36 Rachel stole the household gods of Laban her father while they fled from him. Nuzu tablets from the 15th century indicate that possession of these gods marked as man as chief heir.
Romans 1:18 tells us that an unrighteous man holds down the truth of God! Psalms 78: 58,59 talks about a “high place” which is an elevated place where worship of false gods was conducted. These shrines of idolatry provoked God’s wrath.
John 3:36 he that believeth on the Son shall have everlasting life: and he that believth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him. You choose saints of God!
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