04/15/2019: SHEKINAH GLORY

What is the ìShekinah Glory?î The term Shekinah is not found in scripture but after much searching I came across as good as a definition as I could find. Shekinah =†he caused to dwell. We read in the Exodus that God revealed Himself in a CLOUD BY DAY, AND A FIRE BY NIGHT.
Now, when we speak of a cloud, in the Bible we find cloud mentioned many times and one of the words that describe a cloud is the word ìananî which means: ìcloud; fog; storm cloud; smoke.î Anan is used especially of the ìcloud of massî that evidenced the special presence of God. (1 Kings 8:10-11)
† 1 Kings 8:10 And it came about when the priests came From the holy place, that the cloud filled The house of the Lord, 11 So that the priests could not stand to minister Because of the cloud, for the Glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord.
† For those of you who have trouble standing during church services picture being in the place where the Shekinah Glory sets down. To be in that moment is life changing to say the least. It is then and only then that you can sense the Presence of the Lord in a mighty way. I speak from having experienced His presence in the glory cloud,, not just once but twice.
† EXODUS 13:21 And the Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud By day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire By night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night.
† EXODUS 20:21 So the people stood at a distance, while Moses approached the thick cloud where God was.
† Now, we have seen in the Old Testament where God was in the cloud and this is what we attest to as the Shekinah Glory, so, with this in mind letís look at the New Testament and what it says there about the cloud and Godís presence and the significance of the cloud.
† MARK 9:7 Then a cloud formed, overshadowing them, And a voice came out of the cloud, ìThis is My beloved Son, listen to Him.î
† MARK 13:26 And then they will see the SON OF MAN COMING IN CLOUDS with great power and glory.
† ACTS 1:9 And after He had said these things, He was lifted up while they were looking On, and a cloud received Him out of Their sight.
† PRAY THIS PRAYER Lord, I pray that one day You might show Your Shekinah Glory in the midst of my life. I Pray that I might draw nearer to You that I might know You more intimately. Grant You Favor to me in this one thing.
I Pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ AMEN!

04/01/2019: What Will You Suffer For?

There are many prisoners serving time in the prisons of this world claiming that they are innocent of all charges. We have seen recently several that have been released from confinement due to further studies of each case proving that they were in fact innocent. Was it because of shoddy police work, false witnesses, or some other reason; we may never know for certain, but if we do wrong we must stand before a panel of our peers and be judged by them. If we disobey laws that have been set before us should we not be punished for the wrongs we did?      
1 Peter 3:17 For it is better, if God should will it so, That you suffer for doing right rather Than for doing wrong.               
Every decision we make in life has either a reward or a consequence before it, whatever choice we make we will be held accountable for that choice. You say, “I would rather not choose!” You have already made a choice. I have often been asked what is the age that we are to be held accountable? It is my belief and understanding that it is the AGE that we know right from wrong. If we are taught to not steal, and we steal, should we not suffer some kind of retribution for the crime? If we kill some one are we not accountable for that death?  
1 Peter 3:13 And who is there to harm you If you prove zealous for what Is good?              
I have to ask myself often if I am truly zealous for what is good. Do I stand out among the world as different, you know, like A MAN CALLED NORMAN! Do I stray, or more like RUN AWAY, from doing what is wrong all the time, or do I happen to seem like all the rest of society? What does it really mean to be zealous for good? I think the best example of this would be Saul of Tarsus, and his conversion to Paul the Apostle. While he was  

03/15/2019: The Vote Is Yours

 I wonder today in light of the events that have taken place in America of late, how would the elections go if Americans were to elect the type of God that they themselves would want. Here today the GOP wants a CONSERVATIVE GOD, while on the other side of the street the DNC would like to have a LIBERAL GOD. So, let’s just take a look at the different agendas.              
On the one side we have the BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS, and on the other side we have the UNGODLY BELIEVERS. We have seen over the past several generations how this comes out, and how it rarely benefits the people. It seems that politicians get paid to argue and hate one another just so they can keep their own agenda and paychecks going. Me thinks that a deeper research into the actual study is called for, don’t you? So, let’s break it down, OK? What shall we call the two opposing factions? How about, BOOMER & CLYDE?   BOOMER are those who seek to follow the ways of the Bible and Jesus Christ, they believe in what God established from the beginning and what Jesus taught when He was on the earth. Wholesomeness, Purity, Truth, Forgiveness and so on; while CLYDE has little or nothing to do with all of that stuff he might call nonsense. Now, let’s break it down:  
BOOMERS:                                      CLYDES:
Love                                                    Hate Joy                                                                      
Misery Peace                                     War Patience                                                             
Impatient Kindness                         Rudeness Goodness                                                           
Badness Faithfulness                       Unfaithful Gentleness                                                          
Irritable Self-control                        Out of whack Order                                                                   
Anarchy Decency                              Indecency                                   
Now let me interject here some other key points to this election process and what one side believes in. On the Clydes agenda we find that their hidden program consists of: Immorality, Impurity (doing what is not natural), Sensuality (if it feels good do it, when not with the one you love, love the one you’re with.), Idolatry (worship little gods), Sorcery (magic, voodoo etc.), Enmities (hostility, opposition), Strife (dispute, selfish ambition), Jealousy, Outbursts of anger, Disputes, Dissensions (causing separation), Factions (challenging others), Envying, Drunkenness, Carousing (fornication, adultery etc.), And things like these.                   
So, my friends the vote is up to YOU! One promises Eternal Life and the other promises eternal damnation and destruction, and not to forget, the SECOND DEATH spoken of in Revelations 2:11; 20:6 & 14; 21:8  
LORD, I want to be a BOOMER and not a CLYDE; I so desire to know You and draw nearer to You In the hopes of Eternal Life. For me there can be No other as my Ruling Authority than You. So, I am asking that You accept my vote in Your Favor, For Your Favor. Lord, be my Lord I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ The Only Begotten Son of God

03/01/2019: Perseverance of Job

I hear many preachers and teachers speak on the Apostle Paul, Peter, and other Disciples, or Apostles and how they endured many struggles and trials, how they suffered at the hands of un-godly men. How they met their ends and what their lives were like as far as the scriptures tell us that is. However, I don’t hear many speak on Job, and if they do  they don’t speak much of his perseverance. Imagine, if you can and I know it might be impossible for many to imagine it, finding out that all you had accumulated in your life time was destroyed. How would you react?              
What set Job apart from how we live today? What did Job do that we fail to do? How different was Job’s faith than ours? First off Job had a deep relationship with his God, and Job trusted in his God with all his being.   Job 1:1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job, that man was `blameless, upright, fearing God, and turning away from evil.’              
BLAMELESS: If Job had done any crimes or wrong dealings he would not have had this mention of his name and character.            
UPRIGHT: I guess you could say that Job was an outstanding member of the local village, and was held in high esteem by those around him.            
FEARING GOD: I suppose this idea of fearing may be used in all aspects of the definition of fear. However, I believe that Job stood in AWE of his God, and had much respect for Him. Otherwise why would he spend the time he spent in prayer?            
TURNING AWAY FROM EVIL: Evil constitutes many angles, (ie; making derogatory comments about others, borrowing without the intent of returning to lender, taking what does not belong to ones self, and a host of other charges that could be held against you.)              
When we look into the life of Job we see that he was, at his time, the wealthiest man in the land, or in the known world. Let’s look at all that Job had accumulated in his life  time.   JOB 1:2 & 3   2 Seven sons, and three daughters were born to him. 3 His possessions also were 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and very many Servants, and that man was the greatest of all the Men of the east.              
Now, in my life I have sired three Sons and one Daughter, by marriages I have been with 6 Sons and two Daughters, almost even with Job. Job did things that I had never done prior to my encounter with Jesus Christ, but began after my conversion. But, just like many other men and women, I slacked off and have not been doing those things that I knew Job had done. In our fast paced world and lives we seldom take out time to enjoy a good meal, let alone quality dining. And so it is with our Families. We have jobs that keep us busy to the extent that we choose sleep over prayer. Am I right? Or is it just babbling here?   JOB 1:5   And it came about, when the days of feasting Had completed their cycle, that Job would send And consecrate them, rising up early in the Morning and offering burnt offerings according To the number of them all; for Job said, “Perhaps my Sons have sinned and cursed God In their hearts.” Thus did Job CONTINUALLY.              
NOTICE: All that I have underlined in the verse. What does that tell you about Job and his life, where his priority was, and his answer to his children’s desires? It tells me that Job chose getting up early in the morning, (now I know we no longer offer sacrifices of animals) and that is not what I mean here. What I am talking about is the sacrifice of time! Making offerings of out time, making the right decision to dedicate it to the requesting of Salvation of our children, grand children and other Family members. Can we do that, or are we so caught up in the fast pace of life that we can’t find time or energy to do what Job did? When do we think we will be able to find time? God IS calling US to SACRIFICE on behalf of our loved ones and selves.              
Job was concerned that his Sons might have cursed God in their partying’s and perhaps lead their Sisters down the same path not thinking of their souls and the consequences of their decisions. Years ago I came across a photo of a Dad on his knees at his child’s bedside praying, and behind the dad was a figure of what is accepted as an Angel. This photo spoke volumes to me at the time and it prompted me to begin a Men’s ministry in our church. Now, my oldest Son gave his life to the Lord before I did, however, I still felt the need to pray over him and ask the Lord to protect him and guide him along his path way. I spent nights awake while my children slept [raying over them in their beds, asking God to keep them on the proper path for their lives.              
I know that I may not see the end product of my prayers, and I may not get to see them all live for the Lord, but I believe I have done what Job revealed to me and I Trust in the Lord to fulfill His Will in the lives of my children. Persevering in the likeness of Job I found that FAVOR of God comes from diligence and fervency. One day not long after I surrendered my will to the Will of God I was on my way to work, while I was backing in my van my rear tires slid on the ice and I had successfully backed into a car that was parked right next to the spot I was backing into. It just so happened that I knew the owner of the said vehicle and so I went into my work station and contacted him (who was by the way, a Field Grade Officer in the Army.) I told him what had happened and he went out to see the damage. He informed me that he had just gotten the car out from the paint shop where they just finished painting it.              
This man and I had attended several bible studies together and we pretty much knew each others Salvation story, and what God had been doing with us, and while we were discussing the accident he looked at me with a smile, and said, “Aint you glad  that you have learned from Job?” I was stunned that he remembered that and I said “Yeah, I am Thankful for God revealing PEACE to me.” I am not saying that I am perfect, by far not there yet, but I know  who Saved me and to whom I ow my allegiance.                   
Dear Heavenly Father, I ask You in Trust that You show me How to persevere through this life, and how to hold fast To Your Hand and teach me to Trust You with all I am. I am in need of refreshing and renewal of my spirit person Of my heart and mind. Hold fast I pray even when my hands Are weak and feeble, that I not stumble but stand erect For You.
I ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ AMEN  

02/15/2019: John 8

WOW! Free Indeed! Would that that be true, in todays world. Is it really true? Can one be truly free? What could have been meant by this statement? Was it just free from Tyranny, from sicknesses, free from labors; what could have been the real message here? No matter how long we live on this expanse we still have those things that continue to hold us down. We have bosses who say we have to do whatever it is we have to do to get a pay check, or maybe we have financiers who dictate to us what they want or expect from our duty. Why it could even be in the church, those who seek control over what is to be done.  Regardless of the scenario, we are always subjected to someone telling us what we can or can not do. If you are married, there is a spouse, if you are a parent, there are children and Grand Parents; if you are a child you have parents and other relatives who are responsible for your well being. Banks, Doctors, Lenders, Teachers, Preachers, the list is extensive and in depth. There are people who look for the preacher or the pope to set them free, or to make their life more better.
However, the scripture says “WHOM THE SON MAKES FREE!” Not men, not flesh and bones, but the Spirit of the Living God, and it is Him and Him alone who can set men free. Free from the fear of death and suffering. Free from dictatorship, from corrupt leaders and governments, free from the expectations of others, free to live the life that God Ordained for YOU TO LIVE!
JOHN 8:31 & 32 8:31 Jesus therefore was saying to those Jews Who had believed Him, “If you abide in My Word, Then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you shall know the truth, and the truth Shall make you free.” Now, I know that the Bible says “The SON will make you free, and here the scripture says “knowing the truth and the truth will set you free.” So, what is it Pastor Pinky, The Son or the Truth? Well, I am glad you asked that pertinent question: the answer is YES! The Son and the Truth, you see:
JOHN 14:6 6 Jesus said to him, “I AM the WAY, And the TRUTH, and the LIFE; No one comes to the Father, But through Me.”  We each have been given a special gift, a gift that we have to use every moment of our lives; even when we don’t think about that gift we still use it; that is the gift of CHOICE. Did you know that if you decide to not make a choice, you made a choice? Every moment of our days we make choices and much of the time we are not aware of it because it is a natural thing. Just imagine how life would be if we actually paid attention to our choices we make. There is only one choice we have to make that we are free to make.
That choice is DO WE ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST or not? The CHOICE is entirely up to us to make, and we better make sure we make the RIGHT ONE!
PRAY THIS PRAYER LORD, at this time I CHOOSE YOU to be my Lord and Savior, help me to make right choices on my daily decision making, help me to see the results of the choices that I make. Guide my thoughts and keep Me on the right path that I Might Glorify You in all my Doings.
I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ AMEN! 

02/01/2019: Nothing New Under the Sun



            Some people think that that is just a proverb and that it has no validity to it at all. What do you think? I have been around for at least a couple of years, and I have seen a lot of antics and events going on all over this world and I see Scripture in it’s truest format coming alive each and every day. Right now  I am seeing what the Bible says will happen in the final days, wars and rumors of wars; brother against brother and so on. Governments being destroyed from with in their own ranks, loss of leadership, turning away from sound doctrine and a whole lot more then this post can emphasize on.


            Have you been watching the news, or at least Television lately, like for the past two years?  The hatred that fills the airwaves, the towers, television, street corners, sidewalks; hate this person, sue this man, charge them with crimes done decades prior. Hate the President, despise those who hold office, kill police, kill white people, kill black people. LOOK WHAT EVIL COMES FROM TURNING AWAY FROM GOD!!!!!!

            Anyway, the purpose of my ranting is found in the Bible. What kind of communication are we receiving across the airwaves these days, VOTE, VOTE for this person, not that person because they can not be trusted. We want a President who will go before us into battle, before other nations and defend us, one who will control our world, we don’t want a God we can not see, hear, feel, or smell, if our 5 senses can’t detect Him and science can’t prove His existence then He must not be. So, we demand a King to rule over us; OOPS I MEAN PRESIDENT!

1 SAMUEL 8   I will cut this to the quick   ELDERS: “Samuel, give us a king to judge us Like all the other nations!” SAMUEL: You don’t know what you are asking For!” ELDERS: “Now come Samuel and appoint a judge Over us.” So Samuel went before the Lord ands told Him all what the elders have said and God told Samuel: GOD: “Samuel it is not you that they have rejected It is me they don’t want, so go and tell them this Is the kind of king I will give them. `This will be the procedure of the king who will reign Over you: he will take your sons and place them For himself in his chariots and among his horsemen And they will run before his chariots.’ {vs.11} `He will also take your daughters for perfumers and Cooks and bakers.’ {vs. 13} `He will take the best of your fields and your Vineyards and your olive groves and give them To his servants’ {vs. 14}

            Man oh man I got tired of writing that, it was depressing to me. But of course this is what we are watching in America today, is it not? I have people who call me all kinds of names because they think I believe in one or the other political parties and I don’t. I believe in One Party, One Supreme Court Justice, and in Him I reside and Trust. When I tell them that they say I am nuts, well, I am kinda nuts about the Lord because I know He’s Crazy about ME!
I lost my mind December 3, 1989 when I surrendered it to the Lord, so you see, I don’t need a king when I have the KING OF KINGS, AND THE LORD OF LORDS on my side.

PRAY THIS PRAYER   Lord God, I ask You right now if You, would come into my heart and be my Lord, my King, my ALL in ALL and direct me in Your Ways. Guard my heart, my mind, my soul and my tongue let me not repay evil for evil; but teach me how to LOVE, AND FORGIVE. For I ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ The Only Begotten Son of God. AMEN!

01/15/2019: How to Know If

              “Pastor, how can I know if the Lord is telling me something?” Have you ever heard anybody ask this question before? I have, and several others have in our church. Sometimes when we tell them that they have to seek God for their answers they tend to leave the church, holding mankind responsible for their departure, sad it is for them. However, there are various ways that the Lord God Jehovah speaks to His People. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t expect anybody to go out to a mountain and look for God in a burning bush; that was done already and I don’t believe He is willing to repeat that method.  
            God sent His Son (actually He came in the form of a Man, and He is known as the Son of God.)  
MATTHEW 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bear a Son, and they shall call HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” Which translated means, “God with us.”  
          God spoke all things into existence, there is nothing that exists that was not created by Him, and for Him for His good pleasure. During His time watching over His world He decided that we people of this planet needed assistance in our lives, and we needed a ROAD MAP, if you will, to get us on the right path and down the proper lane back to His Kingdom. So, He wrote a book; more like a Love Letter from His Throne to Us His creation, His pride and joy. In this book we can find many areas where He tells us of His Love for us, and He also tells us of how we can get out of this plane alive forever more.  
            People are always going to Christian book stores looking for books to tell then what God wants from them, the are willing to spend loads of money for the answers, however the answers are already there for them, all they have to do is OPEN THE BOOK!!!!!! Reading the Bible is one of the Greater ways that God reveals His will for mankind. By reading it and searching through it in studies we learn answers, directions, and guide lines for living. It takes a willing mind, and hungry spirit to feed from the Holy Writ. You  don’t just read the Bible, you gotta R E A D THE BIBLE!!!!  
            We are directed to learn what things are above and to meditate on them rather than focusing on the things of this life.  
PHILIPPIANS 4:8   Finally, Brethren, whatever things are true, Whatever things are noble, whatever things Are just, whatever things are pure, whatever Things are lovely, whatever things are of a Good report, if there is any virtue and if there Is anything praise worthy – meditate on these Things.  
            If we get our mind to thinking like Jesus thought, by focusing our thoughts on these things our lives would take a drastic change in direction. “But Larry, I can’t seem to get my mind to think on these things. I live in a fast paced life style and my mind is  racing all the time.” Would you like to know what I have to say about that? Great, because I got the mic and I have something to say to that point. “SLOW DOWN!” Breath, look at the flowers, see the children, skip a rock, taste a different flavor ice cream, take a moment out of life for rest. Then, while you are resting your mind open the Bible, ask God to guide your hands to a Word of Truth or help, and let Him be your instructor.  
            Another way to receive from God is through church sittings. If you get sick don’t you go to a Doctor’s office, or maybe to a hospital? So it is when the soul feels sick or empty it needs food or nourishment. Where better to go then to where the feeding is best done? IN the church setting you are among others who have need of feeding the soul, just like you. It is there that someone may speak something into your spirit that you may have needed to hear, or maybe some form of peace might be imparted towards you. It is in unity that strength is  formed.  
            That brings me to the third means of how God reveals His Word to us. And that is through others that God might choose to use to help you understand. That can come by way of Bible study, Prayer meetings, support gatherings, and other church events where you are gathered together. I know that in my time I have received word from someone who heard from God on a particular event in my life, and it was right on mark. If what they say to you fits in with the written word of God, then you can take it to the spiritual bank. In other words you can believe what they say. It is true that what the Bible says about one may be strong where another maybe weak, one may be wealthy while another is poor, we work together at building the Kingdom of God here on this earth In preparation for heaven. If we experience that here we will not be surprised when we get there.  
            We used to hear the commercial that said: “When E.F. Hutton speaks the world listens.” Why can’t we tell the world: “WHEN GOD SPEAKS THE WORLD LISTENS!” What are we afraid of? What is holding us back? Are we afraid of peer pressure, well, what about God pressure? What is more powerful in your world? Is God – God, in your life, or is He just a figment of your imagination? You decide!  
  PRAY THIS PRAYER   Heavenly Father, I ask You right now to look into my Heart and mind and show me what I need to do to Make my mind and my heart come together for You. Help me to listen, to seek, to know what Your Will Is for me. I Thank You for what You bring to me, and What You want from me and may I fulfill all You Desire for me to do. I Pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord. AMEN!

01/01/2019: I DID IT

              I was sitting in the Hospital room while my wife was recovering from surgery when all of a sudden my mind went to reminding me of things I did in my past. I know some  people might say it was the devil trying to steal my joy, but that was not the case; sometimes I take my thoughts under control and remind myself of my past. Now I don’t know if you can understand my thoughts on this matter but I will do my best to help you to glean from it.  
            Satan comes in many forms seeking whom he can destroy. One of the ways he comes in is through the mind, thoughts that we have daily. Our thoughts have triggers that bring on whatever we get. Triggers like previous events, someone’s words, smells, sounds and so on. We may not be able to control what triggers come, but we can control what we do with those triggers and those thoughts. “You are what you think?” Scripture tells us that we should think on things above, things from heaven, pure holy, just, righteous and true.  
            So, as I was saying, sometimes Satan comes and brings on past events into our memories to inform us that we are sinners and not worthy of Love, love of any kind, let alone the Love of God. Unworthy of eternal life with God in His kingdom. To convince us that we were so bad that we could never be forgiven. There is a song on Christian radios that tells about how “he is a liar”. We know that it is the devil he is singing about. Satan wants to destroy us at any cost in any way that he can. Now, I do want to reiterate that while I was pondering the thoughts of my past that it was not the enemy bringing the thoughts to my mind, but it was me, myself bringing them on.  
            Why would I do that you might ask; well I am glad you did. I believe it is important to remind ourselves at times of where we came from, what our lives used to be like, things we used to do, speak, listen to. Like it or don’t we all at times tend to judge another; we lie to ourselves and try to make us believe that we are not judging but offering insight. Isn’t that the same thing? So, the way I see it is: If I spend more time looking into my past, I will have less time judging others. What was it that the Bible says: “Who are you to talk about the splinter in a Brothers eye when you yourself have a TREE in your own?” So, you see I am looking at my life and seeing the things that I did. Right, Wrong, or indifferent I am looking at them because I want to.  
            Now, Brother Larry, why would you want to rehash your past life and look at all the ugliness of Egypt? Why bring up the past? There  is an old saying that if you forget the past you are subject to repeat it. And that is the truth. I look to my past to ensure my present, that I don’t make the same decisions that I made back then. If I can see yesterday I can work for today, and if I work for today I may have a better chance for tomorrow. Remember, sometimes God will show us our past to help us get over something in our present, or maybe prepare us for an event that is yet to come.  
            Ignorance comes from the word ignorant, now what does that word mean exactly? Webster’s dictionary defines it this way: lacking knowledge or experience; unaware. As a heathen over the past 40 years I did all that I did in ignorance, not knowing that most of it was considered as sin. Now, I know what it all was and what it meant and I found myself calling on the Name of my Savior Jesus Christ who came into my life and made the most drastic change I had ever experienced. And, now, I am a Child of the King and I know beyond all understanding that I have been redeemed and forgiven for all of my past, present and future because of His Blood.  
            Now, I hope you have more of an understanding as to why I look at my past.    
PRAY THIS PRAYER   Dear Lord, it is with a humble heart that I come to You For Your Forgiveness, and that I might no longer live In ignorance but in understanding, and understanding What the Love and Forgiveness of God is. Have Mercy On my life O Lord for I walk in a sinful world, and am A sinful man/woman. I am in need of a savior, and a Friend. And I Thank You for answering my Prayer. In Jesus Name AMEN!

12/15/2018: Love Is

LOVE IS!!!!!  
              Now I know that you have read the Bible, and you have heard the word preached and taught, maybe even been the one who taught or preached it; but have you truly given much thought to the word and how you use it? Let’s go down a list just to see if eyes get opened, or if it goes un-noticed.
  LOVE IS PATIENT: How often have we been in a hurry to go somewhere or do something and we are held up by another Family member or a  friend, or whomever, and we got frustrated with them for taking so long to get ready? What were the thoughts that raged in your mind, how pleasant were those thoughts?
  LOVE IS KIND: When we are at the supermarket and the cashier is running slowly and we feel anxious and the line is not moving fast enough, or maybe someone jumped in front of you in the line. How about on the roadway and someone decides to cut us off? What words get spoken then? Thoughts?
  LOVE IS NOT JEALOUS: Someone got what we thought was meant for us. A better position, a cute boy, a pretty girl. What we wanted for ourselves. I often thought about an RV = Recreational Vehicle and how much I thought I needed one, and every time I saw another person get one I sort-a-kind-a got jealous.
  LOVE DOES NOT BRAG: During our lifespan we may have accomplished something worth mentioning, and maybe we did a good job and we wanted people to know how we did. And during our time of Bragging on ourselves we may have hurt someone else.
  LOVE IS NOT ARROGANT: Do we have a tendency to boast of our self worth? Are we more valuable to us then we are to others? Do we at times put ourselves in front of others? Are we Prideful?
  LOVE DOES NOT ACT UNBECOMINGLY: Rude in other words. Have we ever been so mean to another person for whatever the reason? Does our expectations often get in the way of others feelings and emotions?
  LOVE DOES NOT SEEK ITS OWN: In all of the above comments we read how seeking our own rights is laid upon us. WE get agitated and we explode at times if we don’t get our way. Do we consider ourselves so important that we must be FIRST and foremost above all others?
  LOVE IS NOT PROVOKED: How easy is it for us to become angry at someone who crosses us or our pathway? When someone tells us that we are not acting in a Godly manner what is the first thing that comes to mind? Are we quick to be offended? I used to fight when someone called me a name other than the one I was born with.
  LOVE DOES NOT HOLD ACCOUNTABLILITIES: Are we holding any grudges against another person, whether a Brother, a Sister (flesh, or spiritual)? Do we remind them of wrongs of the past? How long will we hold them in prison?
  LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS: Is there a possibility that we are so righteous that we wont have anything to do with another?
  LOVE DOES REJOICE IN TRUTH: Maybe, just maybe we can pick up and begin seeking the Truth of any matters of our lives and start to rejoice in them. I think we have a tendency to be joyous in the wrong things.
  LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS: Helping carry another’s burdens, it isn’t hard if one applies themselves to decency.
  LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS: No matter what another tells us, we believe, and if truth comes out and it was not so, we move on, we do not carry any animosity.
  LOVE HOPES ALL THINGS: I Love everybody that I meet and even those whom I have yet to meet, and it is my earnest Hope that they all come to know the Jesus Christ that I serve.
  LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS: All that has been mentioned in this writing is what Love is talking about; enduring the trials and tribulations of this life and world.
  LOVE NEVER FAILS: I am sure that you have heard over and over again that Good conquers over evil. Well, Love conquers hate. Love will last because God IS LOVE and He wants us to know His Love for Us, and that we might begin to LIVE IN HIS LOVE FOR OTHERS!
    PRAY THIS PRAYER   Dear Lord, I ask that in Your time that You teach me How to Love in the same manner as You Love. Grant in me the same ability that You had created For me to have. I would to Love in an Agape manner, And be able to forgive others who hurt me, who Mistreat me and so on. Grant me this Prayer I ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ The Only Begotten Son of God AMEN

12/01/2018: OH

OH! WOMAN! WHO ARE YOU?                
Before I get too far into this writing I want to say that Women are not punching bags, they are not captive audiences, they are not furniture, or toys to play games with! They are PRECIOUS IN THE EYES OF GOD!!!!!!!
              Steve and Annie Chapman wrote a song many years ago that said: “If you leave a hurt in the heart of your woman, God will not hear your prayers.” Now, please do not mis-understand me here, I once was a man who treated women in the affore mentioned manners, since then I have learned the God truth and now I respect them and care for their protection at all times. God created Woman from Man to be protected, cared for, valued, esteemed, and loved as the fairer sex, He did not make it a suggestion He said it, He meant it, and He will stand by His Word. Woman you are a JOINT HEIR to the Throne of God, this means there is no difference between you and man we are all joint heirs and no one is better or lesser than the other.
              I know that there are many women who would not hear this verse of scripture, but if they are in Christ they will hear it and accept it, as it is from the Word of God. Ephesians 5:22 Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself Being the Savior of the body 24 But as the church is subject to Christ, So also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.  
            Now, if the husband is not a believer and his ways are not Godly you as the wife are not subject to him in his ungodliness. However in your quietness of spirit you might win him to the Lord. If he feels that he wants to leave away from you, let him leave, you are not subject to him. If a husband is not an orderly husband and is abusive the wife is not obligated to abide with him, as he is abusive. I said in the beginning that a Wife is not a punching bag or any other item to be controlled by man. She is a GIFT TO MAN FROM GOD! And husbands need to glean that truth.  
            On this note I must say Wives remember: be subject to your own husband as the church is to the Lord. If you go against your Godly husband you have erred and God will hold you accountable. One of the tasks God has given to wives to do is to stand by their husband and to pray for his success. Why did God set it up this way? If the husband is successful in life it will flow over to the wife and the family. Pray for his strength that he might be successful in the workforce and provide for his wife. Take care of self that husband has no reason to wander to another. Make him know that he is yours and you are his.  
ATTENTION HERE! I wrote an impartation on the husband for the website, So if there are any questions pertaining to what all I write here, Please go there and read that post.    
            Why, oh why do we strive to control, deceive, and make miserable another person? When your husband asked you to marry him, he as asking you to share his world with him, and to help him along the way, and that he wants to help you along the way. However, somewhere along the way ideals got twisted and the way got slippery at best. Someone made a decision that was not right and life became unbearable for others. My Wife Anne and I have been married going on 25 years now; I can honestly say that prior to our marriage I had no love for her, I didn’t want marriage, I was content to remain single.  
            BUT GOD, intervened, and set up our marriage in His Kingdom for it to happen in our world, and it did, Since our wedding day we have grown closer together, more intimate with each other, more in tune with the needs of the other, and more trusting. It has been a challenge for both of us, what with all of the abuse she had been through, and the problems I had we made it this long. ONLY BY GOD’S LEAD!!!!!!!!  
            I say never take your husband for granted, as he should never take his wife for granted, but Love each other, work together to make the marriage you have right. Build a wall of defense around him daily, that God will see him through and bring him back to you. Build a strong defense around you that you will not be tempted away. God will hear and answer your prayers, when you pray correctly.  
            Take care of yourself, make him desire you more than the job, more than sports, more than anything, except God. strive to keep him YOURS!  
PRAY THIS PRAYER Dear Lord, I ask that You direct me in my life To make my marriage a marriage set apart For You, that in all we do we bring You Glory, Praise, Honor, and Exultation. I ask that, if You are not now, You will Become the CENTER of our marriage and Abide within our unity. Make me the Wife You chose for me to be. I ask this in the Mighty Name of Your Son JESUS CHRIST AMEN!