12/18/2016: Women in Ministry

Women in Ministry

Women in leadership is a very delicate subject, but the truth is they have had authority over men and led since Eve in some way or another
In those days, the men sat on one side and the women sat on the other. If a woman needed to ask her husband a question, she was to wait until she got home and not be a distraction. If it were true that women could not speak in church, then they could not also sing or say anything and we know that’s not God.
As far as authority, let’s look at Deborah in Judges 4. She truly was a great leader. Then in Acts 21:8-9 we have Philip’s four daughters who did prophesy. Tabitha (Dorcas), in Acts 9:36 was full of good works which means she was a lady of fine reputation and love for God. This could only be obtained through some type of authority. In Acts 16 we are told of Lydia who was a business woman, a person of authority and many believe her house was the first church on European soil. Also in the same chapter, Paul in verse 13 had a prayer meeting with all women, which was really a church service because they had no building to hold service in until Lydia gave her house. I’m positive Paul and those few with him did not do all the talking.
In Acts 18:26, we find both Aquilla and Priscilla, his wife teaching Apollos. Then in Romans 16 we find Phebe, who was a servant, in Greek diakomos meaning deacon or deaconess. Then in verse 3 we find again Priscilla and Aquilla, her being named first which in the Bible tells us Paul is recognizing her authority as her husband’s or even more so. In verse 5 we find (they) Pastor one of the first house churches in Rome. I really could go on, but I hope that’s enough to convince you that God calls both male and female to great works within the church.
Bishop Keith Conard