5/17/16: Twelve Symbols #3

Twelve Symbols

# 3

Praise the Lord Saints!

We have been talking about symbolism; and how certain items and people are symbolically used in the Bible.

This week is the “Seed.” In reality, the “seed” is the source of new life!


  • In Matthew 13:10-23 the parable of the sower is explained. He beings with the souls of those who hear the word of God but don’t understand it. The gospel never penetrates these souls so quickly is lost. New life cannot begin!
  • In Matthew 13:20 “the rocky place.” These are they who remain interested until there is need for sacrifice; quickly they choose to flee instead of staying. New life cannot begin!
  • In Matthew 13:22 the seed was sown among thorns. These are they who cannot break the spirit of the “Love of Money.” They love the world, so new life cannot begin.

In Matthew, 13:23 is the “good soil.” The first three soils yielded no fruit, so no salvation. Not all believers are equally fruitful, but all are fruitful. (John 15:8)


Spirit Lead

Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.