From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello, Faith Evangelistic Center,


     Well, this is it, the last month of another year. It’s time to look back and see what God has done. I understand it wasn’t all good. There were struggles, hardships and pain, but here you are! You came through the darkness. You survived the storm. Those times you felt like you couldn’t breathe, He was there. Those times you couldn’t see, or feel and wanted to quit, He was there. Trust me when I say, He was there all that time. When He promised He would never leave us, or forsake us, He meant it. I just wish people would do the same for Him. We promise Him our lives, but only a few really give it all to Him. Many walk away from Him completely, breaking all that they promised, but still, He loves them. Still, He is there waiting patiently for the opportunity to restore and rebuild.

     November was blessed in so many ways. We fell back an hour and are still adjusting to the time change. It gets dark quickly now and working on the ranch, you must change some things. Ministries were in full swing and getting busier every day: movie night, men’s breakfast, Randy’s House, Grief Support and Lil’ Angels. Brother to Brother started its 26th year. All ministries were active and there was all the extra things. The Angel Tree went up and it’s a wonderful thing to see many who want to help others with gifts and food. We were closed for a couple of days for Thanksgiving, but it sure didn’t feel like it. We expect December to be even more active. Building God’s Kingdom leaves no room for lack or slack. Souls hang in the balance and we must work the fields daily in hopes to win those we can. Thank you for loving the Lord and His people.

                                      With all my Heart,


                                       Bishop Conard