From The Bishop’s Heart

May 2019

Hello F.E.C,
April showers bring May flowers. Truth is you can’t have beautiful flowers, grass, and trees without rain. It’s a lot like life; Solomon said there are seasons to everything. There will be dark times but the sun will shine again. There will be pain but we will heal. There will be disappointments but also great success.
The bible says darkness may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. We must learn to not allow a circumstance or a setback to dictate the rest of our lives. There had to be a cross before an empty tomb. To get a crop the seed must die to take root. If you like chicken then chickens must die. The same for beef, pork, fish, etc…etc… Everything has a purpose under heaven. Truth is we are nourished by these things and we learn during the tests of life.
I used to joke around about mosquitoes, and then I heard that one bat eats over 4000 mosquitoes a night. That keeps the bat alive to do what it was created to do. I’m sure you get the point by now. So bless the Lord at all times, let His praise always be in your heart.
April was a very powerful month. Despite Satan’s attack on many, many victories were obtained. The bible says we are the head and not the tail. We are the winner, not the loser. We celebrated Feast of Unleavened bread for a week in April. A lot of work was done inside and out all over campus. Thank you everyone who took part and made things look brighter and better.
Pioneer Club went to Golden Corral and I heard had a great time. I wish I could have gone but we were in Graham Texas. God bless all who helped with the citywide cleanup. We love our city and we do all we can to honor it.
Thank you to the Standard Bearers men’s group. On the 12th many joined Tribe of Judah and Boyz 2 Men. Over 20 young men came out for a great time of bowling and fellowship. The dance team again blessed us with expressive worship as some call it. All I know is it touches my heart in a way that speaks volumes into my spirit about God. Choir, Drama team, Praise and Worship all minister in different ways that honor God and lift us all just a little higher.
The Easter egg hunt we do for the public went great and the one we do on campus on Easter day blessed lots of people. The fivefold Pastors meeting and the Team meeting both help us to rediscover and focus on where we are and where we must go. Thank you everyone for attending.
Lil’ Angels, Living Waters, Better Opportunities, Food Pantry, Feed the Multitude, Juvenile Detention Center Ministry and so many more just keep moving forward and upward. Changes are being made in our youth and children’s ministries. Adjustments to many areas are needed for growth, making room for our future and the next generations.
I always wish I could cover everything but I can’t. I thank God for another Easter with a full house and lives changed. But to me every day is Easter, every day He is alive. So I will close and we will continue to promote the Kingdom of God here and abroad.
In His Service and yours! 
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard