From The Bishop’s Heart

JUNE 2019

Hello F.E.C, 

Oh the weather, the weather, the weather. With the exception of some local flooding we here in Leavenworth have not been effected by much. But Lord knows we are praying for those who have. I know as Christians we hear it a lot; this too shall pass and it will I promise. The sun will shine, it will get hot and you will be able to mow your grass. Now isn’t that a wonderful thought.   Often we get so caught up in what we are going through we forget we are going through it. When I’m traveling, which I do a lot, no matter how far I am from where I’m going I’m always thinking of my destination. I don’t watch the mile markers, I don’t look at the time every few minutes, I know I have a long way to go and so I think of the place where I’m going, not where I’m at.   The month of May was challenging let’s say. God was and is good but we all had our battles to fight. My battles are many because I have many battlefields upon which I must fight. But the Lord is faithful, He goes before us. He leads us into the battle confident that victory will be obtained.   We stopped to honor all the mother’s with prayer. They truly are among the mightiest of warriors on earth. We stopped to honor the men and women who have given all for the cause of freedom. Because of the sacrifice of so many, I can write this letter. I can praise my God openly without fear. I can teach my children and grandchildren about God’s love. So thank you to those and to their families for giving the greatest of love.   There were a million fundraisers in May. Well it seemed like it, more to come I’m sure. There’s a lot going on and most of it takes money. I am always very proud of how hard we at F.E.C. work. And it’s all in one way or another to share the gospel and see souls saved.   Summer events have begun. We had a wonderful picnic; food, fun and fellowship among a lot of people made it very special and put a period at the end of a great day.   We had a very good Anchor Bay Mini Conference. We had to change the dates then we fought flood, wind, and storms but again God prevailed and it turned out to be a very blessed time. A big thank you to all who were able to attend and support our efforts.  

Congratulations to Dustin and Mary Wharton on their wedding. Congratulations to De’Aviance Miller, Jeremiah Blevins, and Noah Warner on your completion of high school and starting a whole new chapter in life. Whatever you do keep God in front of you always.
God led us to have a special service on Wednesday night the 22nd. Many gave to Him a special gift from the heart. That following Wednesday we had Praise Night. Testimonies and glorifying our God was what we did. Jesus said if He was lifted up from the earth He would draw all men unto Himself. That’s what we want, that’s what must happen.
Thank you F.E.C. for being there. Thank you for never giving up and always pushing forward. Thank you for standing with me even when you don’t understand me.
I Love You!
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard