From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello Faith Evangelistic Center,

      In just a few short weeks, this year will be half over. God’s promise is that “Freedom Will Come in 2021”. I trust in some way you have found that freedom. If not, I am confident you will. Stay focused, keep praying and trust God to show up. We continue to see the Lord move among us in many ways. Services are heavily anointed and He reveals Himself and His will through the preachers and teachers of Faith Evangelistic Center.

     We are now the owners of the property just across the street, on Seneca. We will do what we can to “pretty it up” and wait on the Lord for the next step. The Youth Center is undergoing remodeling and looking great. We will soon be adding some things to the Praise Park like flood lights and a Ga Ga Ball Pit. Trust me, the Youth will have a blast.

     We had our first picnic of the year and saw a huge turnout. A lot of kids cornered me into playing games and it cost me, really it did lol. Fellowship is essential to the healing of mind and spirit. It is very powerful to be around like-minded people of God. We held our first Team meeting in over a year. There was a good turnout of leaders and information shared always helps. It was a step to getting us back where we need to be. We took a moment to honor Cinco de Mayo through worship (God bless Courtney Castro for the tacos), they were fantastic. It was an honor to pray over all the moms on Mother’s Day and give them a small gift. Every mother is very special and deserves great honor for raising her children in the ways of God. As always, I could go on and on about the different ministries promoting God’s kingdom around here, but there are many and I would leave some out. So, I won’t try, but I will say thank you all for great excellence.

     Each ministry and leader play a vital role in God’s plan for Faith Evangelistic Center. By the way, I’m still convinced we can take this city for the Lord. God has called us to do it, equipped us to do it and prepared the way. My faith is stronger than ever, my hopes are high and I’m ready for miracles. While others focus on doom and gloom, we are looking for the best to come. I know what God has spoken into our hearts for the future. He would not have done that if He was going to remove us any time soon. There is much to be done in many areas. We need a bus driver, help with the children and the youth and much more. There is no greater life than serving the Lord. I believe the Welcome ministry needs volunteers for door greeting. We have paid $5,000 off on the new van already. Did you know a special group of kids from Leavenworth public schools comes to clean the main building occasionally? These are exciting times and my spirit says we’ve only just begun. Vacation Bible School will be happening very soon and the youth trip to Miracle Hill’s Ranch. Life is very good when you know God. I love you all and thank you for your service to God’s Kingdom.

                                                            With all my heart, love,

                      Bishop Keith Conard