From The Bishop’s Heart

Greetings Faith Evangelistic Center,
Here we are at the end of a year that will be remembered for decades. I will continue to make it clear, as difficult as it was, it was just as good.
God promised a year of favor, blessing and plenty. God does not lie. He came through in a very powerful way. Not only have we witnessed His favor and blessing, creating plenty, but imagine what would have happened without Him. Only He knows the real horror that could have been.
We at F.E.C. are blessed to be a part of a body of believers who experience God in a very powerful way each and every service. Through praise and worship, the Word, teaching and our lingering on Wednesday nights, we can feel and soak in all that the Lord is doing.
Ministries have remained strong and focused. Solid Ground Bible Study has begun again after many years of silence. The men and women have begun to meet on Monday nights. Brother-to-Brother started back up and we had a great visit. The donuts and coffee helped a lot, LOL! November brought Lil’ Angels back strong and Boyz 2 Men also.
Our youth and children ministries are always moving and shaking. Drama and dance ministries keep working and will be ministering this month. We stopped to honor our veterans and the twelve people who have surpassed that 20 year mark at F.E.C. We are blessed to have so much longevity, there are many who have been with us for twenty-five, thirty years and longer.
Harvest Sunday took place on the 1st and it was great to see the joy as many were blessed. Sister-to-Sister did a bowling outing and I hear it went great. The food pantry and blessing box continue to shine.
Our angel tree is up and many children will be blessed this Christmas because of it. We are preparing for Jesus’ birthday party, which always brings great smiles to all. The puppet team has been preparing and are usually the grand finale. Everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and I’m sure will have a fantastic Christmas.
It’s my intention to do a drive by Santa on the front steps this year and I will be ringing the bell at Dillon’s. Pray that God will use both to help me evangelize.
Ok, I could always go on but, that is it in a nutshell. Really, more than anything, we give thanks for the many who were saved on the 29th. That is what it’s all about.

With all my heart love,


Bishop Keith Conard