From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello Faith Evangelistic Center,

       August was a hot one, for sure!  Hopefully, things will begin to cool down now that summer is coming to an end and with our children returning to school!  There are always challenges, but we continue to move forward, trusting in God.  He is the One with all of the answers and we know “that all things work together for good to them that love God,”.

     We started the month out with Dr. Richard Murphy who was a great blessing to the church.  Many were encouraged by the Word he shared with us, to make healthier choices in their lives.  He will be back with us for three nights in October and we are very much looking forward to it.  I hope you will make plans to be there for as much of it as you can.

     A lot of ministries are starting to wake up and they are getting stronger.  Our children and youth ministries are highly anointed and making a difference for many.  The “Back to School Block Party” was successful and MANY backpacks were given away.  Remember to pray for our schools; for the teachers/staff, as well as the students.  They need all they can get.

     Healthy Families had their class on budgeting, down in the basement.  There was a good turnout of people and prizes were won!  I stopped in on the Lil’ Angels and they looked like they were having a blast and the Boyz 2 Men spent some time together at the Praise Park and had a lot of fun, too.  I also heard great things about the Daughters of the Most High, Monday night meeting and the Standard Bearers, men’s group, is about to get very busy.  The Pioneers went out to China Town together and had a great time.  God is working this “Life Church” out. 

     We begin our Exhortation Singers group on September 4th.  If you are interested in singing praises to the Lord, come join us.  Remember, it’s not a “choir”, it’s just a group of people who want to get together and sing praises to Him. 

     Thank you to all leaders who were at the Team Meeting.  It was the first one in a long time and it will help us get back on track.  Services, as always, are anointed and are about to be even greater.

     Our corporate board has been busy making decisions.  Please remember to keep them in your prayers.  There are a lot of projects that have been done around the campus this year, with a few more to go.  

                                                            With all my heart, love,

                      Bishop Keith Conard