From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello, Faith Evangelistic Center,


     It’s been an October to remember. I hope every pastor, not only here, but everywhere, was shown appreciation in some way. They, along with others, stand on the frontlines guarding our hearts and souls.

     It’s good to see so many ministries back in full swing again. And this month, (November) it gets even busier, with the men’s bible study, brother-to-brother, and drama is back for another season. We did Feast of Tabernacles a little differently this year. We gave away $300 (within three services) and on Harvest Sunday… it was fruit and candy for everyone. We closed it out with a fellowship dinner that went great. I want to thank everyone who helped to make it all happen. It takes a lot of money and effort to put it all together.

     We finished the month with Trunk-n-Treat. What an opportunity to bless kids and adults. I’m so glad, we here at FEC, are not so religious that we close our minds to doors that are open and allow us to do good. God has spoken many things into my heart the last few weeks, one being, revival has been ignited among us, but we must keep fueling the flames so they will grow.

     I’m looking for and praying about someone to lead a “life church ministry”. I will share more on that later. We need help with the mobile ministry, at least two more drivers. Our youth ministry needs volunteers that are sold out, people who want to help mold and shape lives for God. Special events have always been a key ministry at Faith Evangelistic Center, and they need volunteers. As we see the world around us changing (and not all for the good) surely, we know in our hearts that God’s Word is being fulfilled right in front of us. The need for people to step up more than ever is now. The need for ministry is now. I still believe God can (and will) take this city, but it will be done only if we obey and sacrifice by giving of ourselves for Kingdom causes.

     You are a special people, chosen by God, to do special things. Let’s trust the Lord for a powerful November.



                                                            With all my heart, love,

                      Bishop Keith Conard