From The Bishop’s Heart

MARCH 2020

Greetings Faith Evangelistic Center,
March has arrived and with it some warmer weather. We all look forward to spring after a cold, wet winter. Soon people will be swimming, having picnics, going for walks, playing in the park Ect.
But, I want to remind you that God is still God year round. Be careful to not push Him aside. His honor should be given always, daily no matter what. I am delivering a message on March 1st called To What Purpose. Often even our best intentions are taken lightly or forgotten when we get busy doing what we do. Jesus said you call me Lord with your mouth but your heart is far from me. This would be the equivalent to saying what we don’t really mean. Today I love you but I don’t, to say I will but I won’t. If Jesus is Lord, He must be Lord of all. Lord every day, Lord of my life, finances, family, mind, spirit, my decisions, where I am, where I’m going, and why.
This may sound like a burden or bondage but it’s not, it’s the right way to do life. God must be a part of it all and be the head of it. That’s when we have His protection, His peace, his strength. When He’s in charge not us, when He’s in control. Surrender means to give up or hand over, totally submit to another authority. The flesh will never want to do that. But if our spirit is right before God we want to do it. We want His to lead the way and go before us.
As we enter the third month of 2020. We are seeing His favor at work in many lives throughout the church. There is plenty in 2020 but you’ve got to seek before you find, knock or the door won’t open, and as to receive. The right way is God’s way not our way. Then, we will see that favor happen and we will experience a relationship with God that words cannot describe or the mind comprehends.
We were blessed in so many ways in February. We celebrated Black History Month. We sent a love offering to an orphanage in Uganda.
We bought a water filter for a compound in Zambia. We are seeing more ministries come to life. Changes are taking place and we are growing. Our youth are on fire for God; we are going out into the marketplace and compelling them to come in. I’ve got to brag on Julia Banks and any who have helped with the Clubhouse remodeling. It looks great, what a place for kids to enjoy and bring their friends to. We are beginning our annual “change war.” This year it will be men vs. women. It is always for a good cause. In a couple of weeks, it will be what we call the “season of the cross.” This will take us up to where we hold our “It Is Finished” service.
The Pioneers had a great meeting. Lil’ Angels and Boyz 2 Men are soaring. Our men are in a new study on Insight Night. All four of our Freedom groups are seeing progress in different ways. No matter what we do or how much still there is more to do.
I’m going to close but there are always people who need the Lord. So we pray, fast, and work looking for one more soul, one more life, just one more heart for God.

With all my heart love,


Bishop Keith Conard