From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello Everyone,                                                                                      

       Even though April was very busy, it seemed to be long. There was a lot of “unexpected”, at least in my life. That’s not strange, it’s actually pretty normal, but maybe more than usual. As Christians, the Bible instructs us to be ready in season and out. Be ready to obey God at all times, no matter where you are.


       Remember, if Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of all our lives. He won’t be Lord over some of it, it has to be all. If you want a true fulfilling life of peace, joy, and success, it only comes by way of God. Money, stuff, careers, people, or anything of this world cannot fill the void that every human has. It’s sad that many are not aware of it, or even care. This is why we are here to try and lead them to Jesus, so hopefully they will taste and see.


       Here at Faith Evangelistic Center, we are doing all we can, to do just that. Not just on Sunday and Wednesday, but every day of the week. We do it through all the different ministries and events God has put together and commanded us to do. I am thrilled to see so much effort through the giving of time and resource so many constantly offer.


        Guess what, the men won the change war, can you believe it? First time in awhile and now hopefully going forward we will again. Truth is, we do all win. New carpet has been installed in the Youth House, and the Tabernacle ceiling will soon be painted. Taking care of all God has given is very important, and being a good steward is required by God. May is absolutely full, and we need everyone on board praying and doing your part to promote His kingdom.


                                    In His service and yours,

                                    With all my Heart,


                                    Bishop Conard