From The Bishop’s Heart


Greetings Faith Evangelistic Center,
What an amazing journey we have been on this year. I will
remind you that it is the “Year of Favor” and there’s “Plenty in
2020”. No one expected the other things this year would bring.
Sickness, financial struggle, fear, depression and more on a
scale much higher than normal.

I have noticed that many churches and Christians have yet to
restart. I believe some got lazy while others allowed Satan to
talk them out of their calling and purpose. During COVID,
some acted like God changed His mind about His calling on
their lives. I’ll be the first to tell you many things have
changed at Faith Evangelistic Center. We’ve changed the
things God told us to change and revealed the “how’s” and
“why’s” but He doesn’t change a person’s calling or purpose.
I was telling someone the other day we will or should
transition from immature to mature, from anointing to
anointing, and from position to greater position. That would
mean from responsibility to greater responsibility. Christians
don’t lay down, they don’t take breaks or quit. I’ve been
extremely busy for over forty years. That’s the length of time
I’ve served the Lord. I’ve not experienced one boring moment
or had a bad day in Christ. I’ve had struggles, troubles and
issues of all kinds, but God delivered me and kept me through
it all. At the end of the day, I kept my praise on and my peace.
Life in God is different, it’s not normal it’s peculiar. (That
means odd, unusual, or special.) When Peter said we are a
“peculiar people” he said we are a special people. When others
are sad, we are joyful. When they are down, we are up. When
they fight, we hold our peace. When they speak death, we
speak life. It’s really not hard if you believe in God’s Word.
His Word says to speak life not death; it says we’ve been
healed, it says we’ve been delivered and it says we’ve already

If I were to say I’m a horse, that would be confusing. I don’t
look like a horse or sound like a horse. There are many who
say they are Christians, but they don’t look like it or sound like
it. It’s confusing to see and hear those who say they are, but
obviously are not. The Lord is constantly telling me (and
telling me to remind other people) to protect their minds and
guard their hearts. Satan can’t do anything until he gets in
your head and remember he comes as an angel of light, don’t
be fooled.

July got us moving at one hundred percent and we are a very
busy church/ministry. Everyone seemed to have a great 4th of
July. Our older youth had a great retreat and our children had a
wonderful “Summer Fun” day right here on campus. Lil’
Angels keeps flying high and doing lots of stuff. We now have
General Store twice a month on Sunday’s for youth and kids.
Boyz 2 Men have been in full swing and those young men are
becoming men of God. All of our food programs are feeding
many and we just had our Back to School annual event.
The Word of God is strong in our services; through praise and
worship He is high and lifted up. With all that I do, all the
wonderful people and ministries I deal with, I am glad God put
me here. There’s no place like home and on this earth, this is
home. There will be much more to share next month, until
then God bless you all.

With all my heart love,


Bishop Keith Conard