From The Bishop’s Heart


Hello F.E.C.,
The Lord has certainly made Himself known lately in some very powerful ways. I believe F .E.C. has entered a place of teaching, refocusing, remodeling, and taking inventory. I believe, and so do many others, that God is preparing His church for the battle that is to come. It seems we are always talking about battles, and war and the enemy. We do that to remind you that it’s true, the battle rages every day. The greatest weapon Satan has is for us to think all is well; there is no battle. He then easily creeps in and destroys our thoughts, spirit, life and soul. Here’s what you must remember though, God has gone before us, and there is peace in the midst of it all. That’s the amazing thing about being a Christian. Everyone battles in life, everyone has difficult times, but the child of God has something others don’t. We have a supernatural partner called the Holy Spirit sent from above. He goes before us fighting every battle. He has never lost; He will never lose. Let demons scream and hell rage, we know who wins.
I want to use this time to mention a few things. Feed the Multitude has now increased; we are feeding more than ever. Please, you who help with the meals consider increasing them to 120, not just 100. We are making some changes to Brother-to-Brother. You might say we are giving it a facelift. This now, just once a month support group for men, has always been and now is more vital than ever. The new Brother to Brother begins Sunday night, August 4th.
I’ve asked Pastors Tim and April Warner to be the lead counselors here at F.E.C. More than ever the need for this ministry is very important. I believe God is opening our eyes to things that have been hidden for years. Freedom has never been free. A great price has always been paid for the opportunity to live free. To live a full and wonderful life without fear or shame, only though Jesus can we live that kind of life, He paid the price for our freedom. Only through Him can we discover that kind of living.
I am excited about our future. About what I see God doing and knowing what He is about to do. Thank God for July, we had some very hot days, but we had a lot of nice ones also. Gladys and I traveled out of town twice. First, we met with some of the greatest people in the world in Southern Missouri. Great generals of faith for many years. It was an honor to be with them. Then along with many here at home we went to Des Moines Iowa. We had a fantastic service there on a Friday night and enjoyed fellowship with like believers.
Offices were closed on the 4th of July so we could all celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. Our men had a nice breakfast together, the Mentoring program held an awesome picnic, Unity Prayer was anointed as always and Lil’ Angels flew down to Tiffany Springs water park.
The Pioneer club met and discussed its’ future and made some change. Ministries were very active and church services are always full of God’s presence and power. I am grateful for all of our leaders and the folks of F.E.C. Every day we work to see our city saved. Every day our hopes, dreams and vision grows. We refuse to sit idle, we will not be held down or surrender anything in any way to the enemy. We are called to take the light of life (Jesus) to the world.
I will close this month by saying, “Expect the Impossible to happen, thank God for your miracle now!”
I Love You!
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard