From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello, Faith Evangelistic Center,


     July is behind us, and August has arrived. Lots of wonderful things took place last month. Of course, everyone enjoyed the 4th of July. Our ministers are faithfully back in the nursing home doing services and touching lives. The men are enjoying some good fellowship (playing horseshoes) and we had a very blessed breakfast together. The ladies continued to meet twice a month and Sister-to-Sister has been very active.

     Boyz 2 Men, Healthy Families and Lil’ Angels continue to push forward, making every attempt to change lives. Children’s ministries remain strong. I was told our Nursery and Butter Bears ministries are fully staffed. That’s the first time that’s happened since COVID. I can’t keep up with the Youth ministry. They are doing all kinds of things and having a blast. They are being taught well and I’m very proud of all I see. They will be making big changes in August. The youth will have the entire campus on Tuesday evenings.

     I can sense a unity and strength that’s fresh and new among us. We are preparing for our annual promotion in Sunday School. Each class will celebrate with the kids they’ve had and welcome those coming in. It really is a big deal and very important to each student. Ministers training now takes place every Thursday night. They have truly risen to a whole new level.

     We are excited about getting all new chairs for the Tabernacle. We are giving our old ones away, which are still nice. Once word got out, they didn’t last long. We have also decided to sell our buses and get away from the D.O.T. regulations. We will be buying at least one new van and maybe a third, later.

     After two years of no festival, we came back strong. We combined it with Back-to-School and WOW, what an event it was! Giving the school supplies out is such a blessing on its own, but to do a FREE festival with games and prizes, also truly makes the difference. Thank you, to everyone who made that happen. Thank you, for being God’s hands, heart, arms and bringing so many smiles, to so many faces. You planted a lot of seeds that can now be watered and bring an increase in salvation to the lost. I’ve now prayed for 42 people on the street since the middle of May. My quest is to pray for 500 as soon as possible, or I may be stepping on my hair…LOL.

     In closing, I do believe the church world is being sifted, but if we stay focused on God and do all things “decently and in order”, keeping Him pleased, we will grow and prosper.



                                                            With all my heart, love,

                      Bishop Keith Conard