From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello Everyone,                                                                                     

     Another great month of God’s presence and seeing Him move in mighty ways. Last month was no exception as He saved, healed, and helped His people defeat the enemy and move mountains. God used this body of believers to bring joy into many lives and help ease the burden of life for so many who struggle day in and day out. We saw several we had not seen in a very long time, and we had a number of first-time guests.

       The month of June is power packed full of blessings, events, and I’m positive that God will continue to reveal Himself in ways that will continue to amaze us. I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes. There will be more to come as we move forward and upward. In these days of trial and struggle, not only for our nation, but the world, God is beginning to clean His church up and He has intensified our responsibilities and accountability. He is calling us to honestly walk in unity, one mind and one heart. The five-fold ministry will be recognized for what it was truly meant to be. No one is better than anyone else, everyone is equal in the eyes of God.

       We must learn to adapt to God’s ways and break this cycle of what religion has created: biblical authority, responsibility, and some with more responsibility than others. We must be accountable for all we say and do. We must love more, do more, believe more and trust more. Remember, God said, “More in 2024” and He has not forgotten or changed His mind. Many things we are used to will change. There will be discomfort and questions, but it will bring us closer to God to find answers. Your calling is as anointed and just as important as mine or anyone else’s, but it’s not just to come to church, it’s so much more. Pray and ask God to reveal it to you. I promise He will, if you seek and listen. It’s going to be a wild ride this month. So, saddle up your horses.


                                    In His service and yours,

                                    With all my Heart,


                                    Bishop Conard