From The Bishop’s Heart

Hello, Faith Evangelistic Center,


     We have survived the winter and daylight savings time. The rumor is, that there will be no more daylight savings time and I’m okay with it either way. Let’s hope now we get plenty of sunshine, lots of green and beautiful flowers.  March was actually not too bad at all.  Weather was good, we got some snow, but overall, nice.  I would say we are close to being where we were “pre-COVID”. We are a very busy church. Every service is well attended, and most ministries are active, but you can tell, it’s still hanging on just a bit here. Depending on where you go, some things are still required, but God has never slowed down, paused, or hesitated.       

     We began our annual change war between the men and the women.  Right now, the women are winning, but we are only halfway there.  We will use these funds to get new projectors and a new lapel microphone. 

     Trusting everyone had a nice St Patrick’s Day.  I got pinched once because I didn’t have any green on.  LOL. We did our last drama skit of the season.  It went well and we always have fun doing them.  We will start back up November 1st, 2022. Daughters of the Most High is meeting twice a month now.  I’m the men’s leader at present and God has spoken several key things into my spirit.  Brother to Brother has gone well.  We have just one more and it will be done until November.  Lil’ Angels had a great outing on the 19th.  Our children and youth ministries continue to bless me by what I see and hear.  The youth are split into two groups weekly to accommodate them because there are so many. Many from other churches come because they have no youth ministries. They are all welcome to be a part of all our youth do.  Our plans are to build a new youth center on the property we have purchased across the street.  Other ministries like Boyz 2 Men and Sister to Sister fill in gaps that are vital.  Healthy Families, Food Pantry, the Dance Team and more keep rolling along blessing many.

     In closing, I want to mention how excited I am about our new marriage and family ministry.  Pastor Henry and Minister Tina Grigsby will lead it.  It’s called “Adomah” which has a special meaning that I won’t go into.  It’s also the “Season of the Cross” here at F.E.C.  We start four weeks before Easter and recognize the power of the cross.  It’s love, grace, and passion to save a dying world.  God bless you all.  Let’s have a great month of April.



                                                            With all my heart, love,

                      Bishop Keith Conard