From The Bishop’s Heart

JULY 2019

Hello Everyone, 
Summer has officially begun and it’s supposed to be hot and steamy. But as I write this it’s raining and cool. I know we all think we’ve had it with the rain. I’ve reminded God of His promise to never destroy the earth again by water. Lol! But remember He knows what we don’t. This could be the last rain we get for the rest of the year. By August we would be praying for more rain. So try to relax and stay calm, God knows what He’s doing. I hurt for those who have had to deal with flood and pray for them. I don’t pretend to know why this or that happens. But I know God is still very much in charge.
June has been a very good month. We had Feast of Weeks and we got tons of food for our food pantry. Thank you to all who worked very hard and gave so others could have. We held our annual Vacation Bible School and it was amazing. Pastor Julia and a wonderful team of people put together four days of total joy for lots of kids. “Game On” was the theme and it really was. I said it many times over the years that we are a very busy church. Did you know that 7 days a week F.E.C. is active? We are on the move promoting God’s Kingdom. We do it in many ways using many tools. We are a part of the city we love and pray for. We purposely and willingly make ourselves available to do all He asks of us. Busy does not always mean effective. Be careful that you don’t confuse the two. God does not want us wore out. He wants us active and strong working, with a clear mind and a pure heart. Many of us attended the 79th annual Anchor Bay Convention in Branson Missouri. God is rebuilding Anchor Bay. It’s refocusing with fresh vision and a newfound strength. But it’s always good to come home, there’s no place like it. To end the month we had a day with Dr. Richard Murphy. He truly is an amazing man of God. He is a friend and partner and carries a very strong anointing. We ended that day with our 2nd fellowship picnic of the year; always a super turnout, and a lot of smiles.
A lot of our youth are going to camp on God’s Mountain this summer. I’m very proud of how they behave and they come back with a new sense of God’s presence in their lives. I’m meeting with several ministries right now to just get a feel of what’s going on and help to ignite fresh fire if needed. As I travel and minister and meet a lot of people, I have come to realize Satan is attacking the minds of God’s people. I’ve never seen the fear, doubt and depression I see now. Separation and division is apparent and happening at levels I did not expect. But as we move by faith, as we pray and put on God’s armor there is a movement, a shaking, a strength I can see and feel. There is no doubt in my mind who wins this thing. The truth is there’s very little struggle. The battle has already been won and great victory obtained. It is finished; I didn’t say it, Jesus did. So as we move forward and upward let us be confident that God is on our side. He is for us, not against us. Thank you all for your determination to stand and believe in God’s word and promises. Don’t ever give up or give in because the best is yet to come.
I Love You!
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard