From The Bishop’s Heart

October 2019

Hello Faith Evangelistic Center

We are now into the fall of the year. It’s my favorite time of the year. Not just because the temperatures are cooler and beautiful colors appear everywhere, but my life has been shaped in many ways during the fall of the year. I was born in October; we started the church in October. I was ordained in November; I preached my first revival in October and became a youth pastor in October. It seems as though most of the greatest God moments all happen in the fall. This time of the year always seems to bring new energy.

After a long hot summer, that cool air has a way of waking us from our slumber. Gladys and I traveled a lot during the month of September. We did around 3,400 miles total. We were blessed to be a part of and contribute to many things that touched a lot of people and brought fresh fire to churches and ministries nationwide.

I’ve been trying to get folks everywhere to get out of the box. Many cannot see what God is doing because of the walls that enclose them. I’m talking about spiritual walls that blind us because we can’t see beyond our comfort zone or mindset. I’ve never been one to stay boxed in. I have always been a visionary and looked beyond the horizon. I’m not afraid of change, I’ve always embraced it. But for the last sixteen months I’ve experienced change that I did not expect and had never know before. I was told I would walk in the office of apostle. I took that lightly and ignored it until a few months ago when my life began to transform into something I could not control.

In May I laid before God and told Him I surrender. Since then He has led me to places and revealed things to me I had never know. And obviously if I’m changing like that then Faith Evangelistic Center is to. The shifting God told us He would do He has begun. For those who are not afraid to look past the present and into the future it’s changing. For those who have faith that God’s promises are true and all things are possible it’s changing. For those who believe that status quo and normal are things that work against us, it’s changing. These are amazing times, great moves of God, and miracles are taking place. The world is not lost, hope is on the rise, and the best of God is about to show up on the universe stage.

I need to stop and give some big thank you to several ministries. Our fire choir did a great job on the 29th. Lil’ Angels princess night was spectacular. Special Events with the help of many honored our First Responders in a great way. Brother to Brother, and Sister to Sister support groups are doing some serious reaching out to help people get past that place we call stuck. I want to give a big thumbs up to leaders who never give up, to individuals who know their destiny and press on despite pain or disappointment. Our youth department is not simple; it’s complicated in some ways. It can almost seem like a juggling act, but it’s making a difference, its changing lives. Congratulations to Kyli Perez our new Graphics leader, to Nicholas Starnes our newest Board member. The Pioneer Club had a very good meeting. Boyz 2 Men is making a difference as they peruse how to be true men of God.
All the ministries are active and alive. We go now into one of our biggest ministry months. Feast of Tabernacle s, Harvest Sunday, the churches 33rd anniversary, and Trunk or Treat. Above it all, through it all, souls are being saved and lives changed.
I Love You!
With all my heart love,
Bishop Keith Conard