01/15/2019: How to Know If

              “Pastor, how can I know if the Lord is telling me something?” Have you ever heard anybody ask this question before? I have, and several others have in our church. Sometimes when we tell them that they have to seek God for their answers they tend to leave the church, holding mankind responsible for their departure, sad it is for them. However, there are various ways that the Lord God Jehovah speaks to His People. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t expect anybody to go out to a mountain and look for God in a burning bush; that was done already and I don’t believe He is willing to repeat that method.  
            God sent His Son (actually He came in the form of a Man, and He is known as the Son of God.)  
MATTHEW 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bear a Son, and they shall call HIS NAME IMMANUEL,” Which translated means, “God with us.”  
          God spoke all things into existence, there is nothing that exists that was not created by Him, and for Him for His good pleasure. During His time watching over His world He decided that we people of this planet needed assistance in our lives, and we needed a ROAD MAP, if you will, to get us on the right path and down the proper lane back to His Kingdom. So, He wrote a book; more like a Love Letter from His Throne to Us His creation, His pride and joy. In this book we can find many areas where He tells us of His Love for us, and He also tells us of how we can get out of this plane alive forever more.  
            People are always going to Christian book stores looking for books to tell then what God wants from them, the are willing to spend loads of money for the answers, however the answers are already there for them, all they have to do is OPEN THE BOOK!!!!!! Reading the Bible is one of the Greater ways that God reveals His will for mankind. By reading it and searching through it in studies we learn answers, directions, and guide lines for living. It takes a willing mind, and hungry spirit to feed from the Holy Writ. You  don’t just read the Bible, you gotta R E A D THE BIBLE!!!!  
            We are directed to learn what things are above and to meditate on them rather than focusing on the things of this life.  
PHILIPPIANS 4:8   Finally, Brethren, whatever things are true, Whatever things are noble, whatever things Are just, whatever things are pure, whatever Things are lovely, whatever things are of a Good report, if there is any virtue and if there Is anything praise worthy – meditate on these Things.  
            If we get our mind to thinking like Jesus thought, by focusing our thoughts on these things our lives would take a drastic change in direction. “But Larry, I can’t seem to get my mind to think on these things. I live in a fast paced life style and my mind is  racing all the time.” Would you like to know what I have to say about that? Great, because I got the mic and I have something to say to that point. “SLOW DOWN!” Breath, look at the flowers, see the children, skip a rock, taste a different flavor ice cream, take a moment out of life for rest. Then, while you are resting your mind open the Bible, ask God to guide your hands to a Word of Truth or help, and let Him be your instructor.  
            Another way to receive from God is through church sittings. If you get sick don’t you go to a Doctor’s office, or maybe to a hospital? So it is when the soul feels sick or empty it needs food or nourishment. Where better to go then to where the feeding is best done? IN the church setting you are among others who have need of feeding the soul, just like you. It is there that someone may speak something into your spirit that you may have needed to hear, or maybe some form of peace might be imparted towards you. It is in unity that strength is  formed.  
            That brings me to the third means of how God reveals His Word to us. And that is through others that God might choose to use to help you understand. That can come by way of Bible study, Prayer meetings, support gatherings, and other church events where you are gathered together. I know that in my time I have received word from someone who heard from God on a particular event in my life, and it was right on mark. If what they say to you fits in with the written word of God, then you can take it to the spiritual bank. In other words you can believe what they say. It is true that what the Bible says about one may be strong where another maybe weak, one may be wealthy while another is poor, we work together at building the Kingdom of God here on this earth In preparation for heaven. If we experience that here we will not be surprised when we get there.  
            We used to hear the commercial that said: “When E.F. Hutton speaks the world listens.” Why can’t we tell the world: “WHEN GOD SPEAKS THE WORLD LISTENS!” What are we afraid of? What is holding us back? Are we afraid of peer pressure, well, what about God pressure? What is more powerful in your world? Is God – God, in your life, or is He just a figment of your imagination? You decide!  
  PRAY THIS PRAYER   Heavenly Father, I ask You right now to look into my Heart and mind and show me what I need to do to Make my mind and my heart come together for You. Help me to listen, to seek, to know what Your Will Is for me. I Thank You for what You bring to me, and What You want from me and may I fulfill all You Desire for me to do. I Pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord. AMEN!