03/01/2019: Perseverance of Job

I hear many preachers and teachers speak on the Apostle Paul, Peter, and other Disciples, or Apostles and how they endured many struggles and trials, how they suffered at the hands of un-godly men. How they met their ends and what their lives were like as far as the scriptures tell us that is. However, I don’t hear many speak on Job, and if they do  they don’t speak much of his perseverance. Imagine, if you can and I know it might be impossible for many to imagine it, finding out that all you had accumulated in your life time was destroyed. How would you react?              
What set Job apart from how we live today? What did Job do that we fail to do? How different was Job’s faith than ours? First off Job had a deep relationship with his God, and Job trusted in his God with all his being.   Job 1:1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job, that man was `blameless, upright, fearing God, and turning away from evil.’              
BLAMELESS: If Job had done any crimes or wrong dealings he would not have had this mention of his name and character.            
UPRIGHT: I guess you could say that Job was an outstanding member of the local village, and was held in high esteem by those around him.            
FEARING GOD: I suppose this idea of fearing may be used in all aspects of the definition of fear. However, I believe that Job stood in AWE of his God, and had much respect for Him. Otherwise why would he spend the time he spent in prayer?            
TURNING AWAY FROM EVIL: Evil constitutes many angles, (ie; making derogatory comments about others, borrowing without the intent of returning to lender, taking what does not belong to ones self, and a host of other charges that could be held against you.)              
When we look into the life of Job we see that he was, at his time, the wealthiest man in the land, or in the known world. Let’s look at all that Job had accumulated in his life  time.   JOB 1:2 & 3   2 Seven sons, and three daughters were born to him. 3 His possessions also were 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and very many Servants, and that man was the greatest of all the Men of the east.              
Now, in my life I have sired three Sons and one Daughter, by marriages I have been with 6 Sons and two Daughters, almost even with Job. Job did things that I had never done prior to my encounter with Jesus Christ, but began after my conversion. But, just like many other men and women, I slacked off and have not been doing those things that I knew Job had done. In our fast paced world and lives we seldom take out time to enjoy a good meal, let alone quality dining. And so it is with our Families. We have jobs that keep us busy to the extent that we choose sleep over prayer. Am I right? Or is it just babbling here?   JOB 1:5   And it came about, when the days of feasting Had completed their cycle, that Job would send And consecrate them, rising up early in the Morning and offering burnt offerings according To the number of them all; for Job said, “Perhaps my Sons have sinned and cursed God In their hearts.” Thus did Job CONTINUALLY.              
NOTICE: All that I have underlined in the verse. What does that tell you about Job and his life, where his priority was, and his answer to his children’s desires? It tells me that Job chose getting up early in the morning, (now I know we no longer offer sacrifices of animals) and that is not what I mean here. What I am talking about is the sacrifice of time! Making offerings of out time, making the right decision to dedicate it to the requesting of Salvation of our children, grand children and other Family members. Can we do that, or are we so caught up in the fast pace of life that we can’t find time or energy to do what Job did? When do we think we will be able to find time? God IS calling US to SACRIFICE on behalf of our loved ones and selves.              
Job was concerned that his Sons might have cursed God in their partying’s and perhaps lead their Sisters down the same path not thinking of their souls and the consequences of their decisions. Years ago I came across a photo of a Dad on his knees at his child’s bedside praying, and behind the dad was a figure of what is accepted as an Angel. This photo spoke volumes to me at the time and it prompted me to begin a Men’s ministry in our church. Now, my oldest Son gave his life to the Lord before I did, however, I still felt the need to pray over him and ask the Lord to protect him and guide him along his path way. I spent nights awake while my children slept [raying over them in their beds, asking God to keep them on the proper path for their lives.              
I know that I may not see the end product of my prayers, and I may not get to see them all live for the Lord, but I believe I have done what Job revealed to me and I Trust in the Lord to fulfill His Will in the lives of my children. Persevering in the likeness of Job I found that FAVOR of God comes from diligence and fervency. One day not long after I surrendered my will to the Will of God I was on my way to work, while I was backing in my van my rear tires slid on the ice and I had successfully backed into a car that was parked right next to the spot I was backing into. It just so happened that I knew the owner of the said vehicle and so I went into my work station and contacted him (who was by the way, a Field Grade Officer in the Army.) I told him what had happened and he went out to see the damage. He informed me that he had just gotten the car out from the paint shop where they just finished painting it.              
This man and I had attended several bible studies together and we pretty much knew each others Salvation story, and what God had been doing with us, and while we were discussing the accident he looked at me with a smile, and said, “Aint you glad  that you have learned from Job?” I was stunned that he remembered that and I said “Yeah, I am Thankful for God revealing PEACE to me.” I am not saying that I am perfect, by far not there yet, but I know  who Saved me and to whom I ow my allegiance.                   
Dear Heavenly Father, I ask You in Trust that You show me How to persevere through this life, and how to hold fast To Your Hand and teach me to Trust You with all I am. I am in need of refreshing and renewal of my spirit person Of my heart and mind. Hold fast I pray even when my hands Are weak and feeble, that I not stumble but stand erect For You.
I ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ AMEN