03/15/2019: The Vote Is Yours

 I wonder today in light of the events that have taken place in America of late, how would the elections go if Americans were to elect the type of God that they themselves would want. Here today the GOP wants a CONSERVATIVE GOD, while on the other side of the street the DNC would like to have a LIBERAL GOD. So, let’s just take a look at the different agendas.              
On the one side we have the BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS, and on the other side we have the UNGODLY BELIEVERS. We have seen over the past several generations how this comes out, and how it rarely benefits the people. It seems that politicians get paid to argue and hate one another just so they can keep their own agenda and paychecks going. Me thinks that a deeper research into the actual study is called for, don’t you? So, let’s break it down, OK? What shall we call the two opposing factions? How about, BOOMER & CLYDE?   BOOMER are those who seek to follow the ways of the Bible and Jesus Christ, they believe in what God established from the beginning and what Jesus taught when He was on the earth. Wholesomeness, Purity, Truth, Forgiveness and so on; while CLYDE has little or nothing to do with all of that stuff he might call nonsense. Now, let’s break it down:  
BOOMERS:                                      CLYDES:
Love                                                    Hate Joy                                                                      
Misery Peace                                     War Patience                                                             
Impatient Kindness                         Rudeness Goodness                                                           
Badness Faithfulness                       Unfaithful Gentleness                                                          
Irritable Self-control                        Out of whack Order                                                                   
Anarchy Decency                              Indecency                                   
Now let me interject here some other key points to this election process and what one side believes in. On the Clydes agenda we find that their hidden program consists of: Immorality, Impurity (doing what is not natural), Sensuality (if it feels good do it, when not with the one you love, love the one you’re with.), Idolatry (worship little gods), Sorcery (magic, voodoo etc.), Enmities (hostility, opposition), Strife (dispute, selfish ambition), Jealousy, Outbursts of anger, Disputes, Dissensions (causing separation), Factions (challenging others), Envying, Drunkenness, Carousing (fornication, adultery etc.), And things like these.                   
So, my friends the vote is up to YOU! One promises Eternal Life and the other promises eternal damnation and destruction, and not to forget, the SECOND DEATH spoken of in Revelations 2:11; 20:6 & 14; 21:8  
LORD, I want to be a BOOMER and not a CLYDE; I so desire to know You and draw nearer to You In the hopes of Eternal Life. For me there can be No other as my Ruling Authority than You. So, I am asking that You accept my vote in Your Favor, For Your Favor. Lord, be my Lord I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ The Only Begotten Son of God