03/01/2017: Daniel Chapter 9

A long time ago I was asked about my perspective on Daniel 9 and the seventy’s vision. The vision Daniel had in Chapter 9 was a year after his vision in Chapter 8.

Verse 2 – This 70 years has nothing to do with the 70 weeks of years, which Daniel will see in the vision towards the end of this chapter. Daniel makes it clear that it was through studying Jeremiah’s writings that he understood what he had seen.

Verse 3 – Daniel was in intense prayer and fasting for Israel’s deliverance at this time.

Verses 4-7 – Israel had sinned against God, and captivity came because of their wrongdoing. This continues through verse 19.

Verse 21 – Gabriel appears to Daniel and touches him about the time of the evening sacrifice.

Verse 22 – Gabriel tells Daniel he’s going to reveal Israel’s future and last day events.

Verse 24 – Seventy sevens are 490 years and has to do strictly with Israel and the second coming of Christ. The second coming will put an end to all transgression.

Verse 25 – This is broken up into to three (3) parts: one shall be 7 weeks or 49 years; the other 434 years, which totals 483 years. Please understand God’s timetable for all this stops and goes based upon Israel’s obedience. (It’s not just 490 years.) It’s 490 years of God’s perfect will. The third part is the seven years of great tribulation == total 490 years.

Verse 26 – Messiah cut off, meaning Christ’s crucifixion. But not for Himself, meaning His death was for all.

Verse 27 – He shall confirm is the antichrist. Midst of the week is 3½ years when the antichrist will reveal his true self and the worst time on earth will begin.

Bishop Keith Conard