06/01/2019: WHO AM I?

Many people come to clergy and ask, What is my purpose? Very few ask the important question: WHO AM I? Why is this so important over the question of what’s my purpose? Before anybody can have or discover their purpose they have to come into understanding of who they are. Surely, many will say, “I am a good person, or I am a hard worker. Some will contest that they are great parents, or grandparents, or even children. But is that who they truly ARE? No! Emphatically the answer is NO; that is not who they are, that is who they tend to be, but not are.  
Moses said to Jehovah: “Whom should I say sent me when they ask?” What was God’s answer? “TELL THEM THAT `I AM SENT YOU’” God calls His name `I AM’ and that was enough to stir up the Hebrew peoples at the time. `I AM’ is two words put together with a long reaching meaning behind them. First of all the `I’ means; ME, or one person in the first person vernacular, the identifier of the person sending the message. It tells the receiver that someone they KNOW is speaking or relating a message. `I’ can be the perfect identifier to let people know they can trust the message. In order for Jehovah to use that term He knew that the Hebrew people KNEW HIM and they would be ready to receive word from Him.  
Secondly, the `AM’ is also a complete identifier as the one and only entity needed. It also means present time, not I `was’ or I `will be’ but I `AM’.  So, in Moses’ dilemma as to who should I say sent me, God was saying: “Tell the people that the One and Only person whom you know presently have sent this man Moses to bring you out of bondage.”  
I have heard it said often times before that I as mere man should never make the statement, `I AM’ because it is the Identifier of Jehovah God and His Name. However, I find myself identifying myself with the `I AM’ all the time, have you ever made the statement that “I am in Christ and He is in Me?” Well, you did identify yourself as in God by quoting `I AM’. So, what am I saying, we identify with Him when we identify ourselves as He did Himself. So, who are you? Really, who are you and with whom do you identify?  
One of my favorite sayings of old is: I AM THE I AM THAT I AM AT THE TIME THAT YOU NEED ME TO BE THAT I AM IS THAT I AM THAT I AM.  
This is the message that I got out of God’s `I AM’. Now as to who you are, ask yourself this one Question? Am I in Christ? Seek the answer, never be afraid of it, if you are not, then you can be, if you are, then your question has been answered as to WHO AM I? You are HIS!!!!!!!!  
You are an alien, a pilgrim passing through this plain only once; there is no re-incarnation, no life on this planet after you cease to exist, you are done, now the question remains, where will you go? If you are His in Him, and He in you, you will see Him in His Fathers Kingdom, but if not, He will say “Depart from me you doer of iniquity.”