08/01/2018: Lust of the Eyes

Lust of the Eyes – Distractions by: Pastor Melany Blevins
Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Eyes are a gateway to see much. Sister Icy wrote a poem called ìThe sound of the Jukebox and those flashing neon signs It was about things that draws us away for out Bible, prayer, spending time with God, fellowship with believers, and from God!!
Your eyes can also be drawn away or distracted by troubling things in your life which cause fear, doubt, and unbelief. We sometimes need horse blinders on our eyes so we can stay focused.
Simply put, the lust of the eyes is the desire to possess what we see, or hear those things which have visual appeal. This coveting of money, possessions, or other physical things is not of God, but from the world around us. John emphasizes that these things do not last, they will pass away. In contrast the child of God is guaranteed eternity.
Everyone always thinks of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, but what are some other things that distract us by visual appeal? Games on our phones like Candy Crush, the commercials we see. Being obsessed by a television show (mine was Criminal Minds), Pornography (Yes, I even struggled with this. Yes women can have this struggle also. God has helped me in overcoming both of these things)
What eyes distraction do you have? It is a (idol) god before God? Exodus 20:17 speaks of coveting what your neighbor has. This doesn’t have to be your next door neighbor but anybody you know. Your neighbor’s house, wife, servants, animals etc.
The world is full of eye candy glamour. We need to stay focused on Christ. Knowing His and the power of His resurrection. To be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Distractions and lusts can turn into addictions. When this happens we must make a conscious decision to admit it. Sharing it with someone brings it out of the dark into His light exposing it. This creates accountability. Repent and ask for God’s help and grace to overcome.
When temptation comes pray, read your bible, listen to praise songs, get your focus on God, call a Pastor or someone who can hold you accountable and encourage you to stay focused on God.
If we sin we tend to be afraid of God’s voice and we want to hide from Him. Let us run to Him and His presence. His grace, to be washed in His blood of forgiveness. So that chains may be broken off of us.