There are many prisoners serving time in the prisons of this world claiming that they are innocent of all charges. We have seen recently several that have been released from confinement due to further studies of each case proving that they were in fact innocent. Was it because of shoddy police work, false witnesses, or some other reason; we may never know for certain, but if we do wrong we must stand before a panel of our peers and be judged by them. If we disobey laws that have been set before us should we not be punished for the wrongs we did?      
1 Peter 3:17 For it is better, if God should will it so, That you suffer for doing right rather Than for doing wrong.               
Every decision we make in life has either a reward or a consequence before it, whatever choice we make we will be held accountable for that choice. You say, “I would rather not choose!” You have already made a choice. I have often been asked what is the age that we are to be held accountable? It is my belief and understanding that it is the AGE that we know right from wrong. If we are taught to not steal, and we steal, should we not suffer some kind of retribution for the crime? If we kill some one are we not accountable for that death?  
1 Peter 3:13 And who is there to harm you If you prove zealous for what Is good?              
I have to ask myself often if I am truly zealous for what is good. Do I stand out among the world as different, you know, like A MAN CALLED NORMAN! Do I stray, or more like RUN AWAY, from doing what is wrong all the time, or do I happen to seem like all the rest of society? What does it really mean to be zealous for good? I think the best example of this would be Saul of Tarsus, and his conversion to Paul the Apostle.