08/07/2016: Against Your Calling

Against Your Calling (A Synopsis from the book Fervent by Priscilla Schirer)
Fear to do something God has told (impressed) you to do can come in many forms – little or small.
The fear was real when I felt God tugging on my heart strings to attend CFNI (Christ For the Nations) in Dallas Texas. I didn’t want to, I was scared out of my mind so far away from home. I had a severe apron string problem – one time when I was young I was unable to even stay at a friends house 1/2 block away without severe home sickness. I actually had my mom come pick me up within 10 minutes of getting there. God had been slowly and gently breaking these strings, preparing me for what was ahead. God was fixing to break some big ones this time.
Upon feeling a strong tug of my heart while at a drama during my college days, I finally surrendered going to the altar with a song playing that melted my heart and tears began to roll down my face. The song was … “My Lord, I Love You, I Praise You. My Lord, I Worship at your footstool. My Lord, I bow down before you. In sweet abandon, total surrender, I give my heart to you.” This was written by a CFNI Student.
The devil has placed other fears in my life:
* Fear of giving when there’s not enough
* Fear to move to Leavenworth
* Fear in starting a new job
* Fear in starting or getting involved in new ministry
* Fear of confrontation
But none of the devils tricks has stopped me from victory and walking forward in the calling God gave me.
Additional scripture:
2 Timothy 1:7 Jeremiah 1:4-10 Exodus 4:10-16
Joshua 1:1-9 Genesis 12:1-4 Exodus 14:13-16
Pastor Melany Blevins