09/01/2018: IDENTITY CRISIS?!

Let me be straight forward about this right from the get go. I believe what the Bible, the Infallible Authoritative Word of God says when it identifies a Follower of Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be†in Christ, he is a
New Creature; the old things passed away;
Behold, new things have come.†(TIISB)

Now to me this†means that to be in Christ we have been changed into a new being, and that our ideals and desires have been changed and that we want something different than what we had already. To me it says that we have a New Identity in Christ, granted by God Himself for us to live under. Here in this nation we have an identity that we are known by and it is that identity that many people live with and claim. Our identity is at stake here in that an outsider can easily take our name, our social security number and other identifying markers of ours and use them against us to gain what is not theirs and claim it for themselves, while leaving us to fend for our lives proving that we didn’t do whatever they did. Stealing ones identity is a costly and tiring event, it can cost one any where up to millions of dollars to correct and repair, and many times that is impossible.
I have met and heard many people who have been worried and greatly concerned about this invasion possibility and how they would handle it if it were to happen to them. There is no easy answer except to maybe get some kind of security block on your identity, but I don’t know where to find that as trust is earned and not taken for granted. Those who follow after Christ Jesus have an identity that can not be destroyed, howbeit only† the flesh can be. All too often they fall into the category of fearfulness. When we find ourselves in the state of fearfulness what should our course be? Should it not be to identify in Christ Jesus? Throughout Scripture we are told to ìBe not afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord God is with us!î Do we actually believe this or is it just another line from the Bible that we read every once in a while?
 I find myself every now and then wondering if and when someone will attack my identity, and rightly so; however I am not afraid of the overall outcome because of Jehovah-jireh is with me.
Jehovah-jireh = my Provider. All too often we tend to forget that God is with, and for us, that there isn’t a moment that goes by that He is not aware of what is going on within us daily. He is not surprised nor confounded by what we do or don’t do; what we say or don’t say, it is nothing new to Him because He IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD! And so, if we are in Him and He is in us how then can anyone steal our identity? I ask this of you.
Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, meaning He is the beginning and the end and He is everything in between. When Moses asked God whom should he say sent him to Pharaoh God told him to tell the people that ìI AMî sent you. Now what does that mean to you? To me it says that He is the ìI AMî that we need Him to be is that I AM that I AM! Simple and yet profound. Jesus identified with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, He knew who He was and He knew what He had to do. No identity crisis there.
Should we be afraid of what could happen?? Well, scripture says to not be afraid of what could be, but sudden fear is unpreventable. I guess the answers that we seek are best left up to God and we should seek His answers, after all He knows more than we do. RIGHT? RIGHT! RIGHT.


Lord, teach me to stand on Your promise that I am yours and
You are mine, and that my identity is not found in this flesh
But in You. Teach me to stand in the Grace and Love whereby
You have Loved me. It is my Hope and Prayer that I lose not
Whom I am and who I serve and that I abide with You all
The days of my life on this plain.

I ask this and Pray this in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ
My Lord and Savior.