09/18/2016: Twelve Symbols #11

Twelve Symbols


# 11  Praise the Lord Saints!  We are on Symbol 11, the “Hammer.


The Hammer in reality is “Powerful Judgment.”  Let’s visit the prophet Jeremiah.  In Jeremiah 23:29 ASV, God asks a question and makes a statement at the same time.  “Is not my word like fire?” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer  which shatters rock?  God’s word has qualities that make it win every time over the deceptive words of Satan’s false prophets.


In Jeremiah’s day, he may have been outnumbered by false prophets, and    they even may out shout him, but God has not sent them.  He will surely   judge them as well as the people who are so eager to be deceived. Remember the predictions of false prophets are lies, but God knows the truth   about the future and them. 

His hammer of judgment will fall on the unbeliever!


                                       Spirit Lead

                                              Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.