10/01/2019: JOHN 8:36

WOW! Free Indeed! Would that that be true, in todays world. Is it really true? Can one be truly free? What could have been meant by this statement? Was it just free from Tyranny, from sicknesses, free from labors; what could have been the real message here? No matter how long we live on this expanse we still have those things that continue to hold us down. We have bosses who say we have to do whatever it is we have to do to get a pay check, or maybe we have financiers who dictate to us what they want or expect from our duty. Why it could even be in the church, those who seek control over what is to be done.              
Regardless of the scenario, we are always subjected to someone telling us what we can or can not do. If you are married, there is a spouse, if you are a parent, there are children and Grand Parents; if you are a child you have parents and other relatives who are responsible for your well being. Banks, Doctors, Lenders, Teachers, Preachers, the list is extensive and in depth.              
There are people who look for the preacher or the pope to set them free, or to make their life more better. However, the scripture says “WHOM THE SON MAKES FREE!” Not men, not flesh and bones, but the Spirit of the Living God, and it is Him and Him alone who can set men free. Free from the fear of death and suffering. Free from dictatorship, from corrupt leaders and governments, free from the expectations of others, free to live the life that God Ordained for YOU TO LIVE!  
JOHN 8:31 & 32 8:31 Jesus therefore was saying to those Jews Who had believed Him, “If you abide in My Word, Then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you shall know the truth, and the truth Shall make you free.”              
Now, I know that the Bible says “The SON will make you free, and here the scripture says “knowing the truth and the truth will set you free.” So, what is it Pastor Pinky, The Son or the Truth? Well, I am glad you asked that pertinent question: the answer is YES! The Son and the Truth, you see:
JOHN 14:6 6 Jesus said to him, “I AM the WAY, And the TRUTH, and the LIFE; No one comes to the Father, But through Me.”              
We each have been given a special gift, a gift that we have to use every moment of our lives; even when we don’t think about that gift we still use it; that is the gift of CHOICE. Did you know that if you decide to not make a choice, you made a choice? Every moment of our days we make choices and much of the time we are not aware of it because it is a natural thing. Just imagine how life would be if we actually paid attention to our choices we make.              
There is only one choice we have to make that we are free to make. That choice is DO WE ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST or not? The CHOICE is entirely up to us to make, and we better make sure we make the RIGHT ONE!  
LORD, at this time I CHOOSE YOU to be my Lord and Savior, help me to make right choices on my daily decision making, help me to see the results of the choices that I make. Guide my thoughts and keep Me on the right path that I Might Glorify You in all my Doings.
I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ AMEN!