10/02/2016: Twelve Symbols # 12

Twelve Symbols # 12 


Praise the Lord Saints!  We have made it to the last symbol of the Bible that is in our study.  Before I mention it, I would like to thank Thomas Nelson Inc. for all its study helps.


Symbol 12 is “Fire,” in reality it stands for “painful judgment.”  Let’s visit the prophet Jeremiah.  In Jeremiah 5:14  ASV it reads…  “Therefore, thus says the Lord, the God of host, because you have spoken this word, Behold, I am making my words in your mouth fire, and this people wood, and it will consume them.”


Here Judah is willfully ignorant and rebellious.  The coming judgment is terrible but Judah’s sins are more terrible.  I leave you to ponder this thought. If God judged His chosen people that, He loved with fire, how much more is He likely to judge this fallen nation? 


I pray you will choose life and not death, and be forgiven of every sin and make heaven your final destination.


                                       Spirit Lead

                                                   Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.