10/20/15: The “I AM” Statements By Pastor Terry Gordon Jr.

The “I AM” Statements

     Twenty-three times in all, we find our Lord’s “I AM” (ego eimi; Greek) in the Greek text of this

Gospel and here they are: John 4:26; 6:20,35,41,48,51; 8:12,18,24,28,58; 10:7,9,11,14;

11:25; 13:19; 14:6; 15:1,5; 18:5,6,8. In several of these powerful statements He joins His “I

AM” with seven tremendous metaphors which are expressive of His relationship toward the

world, that of salvation and there is nothing more important.

The first one we come to is found in John 6:35; 6:41, 48, and 51. “I AM the Bread of Life.”

That is to say… the bread which gives life and preserves from death.

     In John 6:26, Jesus emphasizes to the crowds which followed Him, were motivated by their

stomachs and the desire for food, rather than understanding the true spiritual purpose of

In John 6:2, Jesus rebukes the crowd for their materialistic views of His Kingdom. His

Kingdom was that of spiritual blessings and eternal life.

Next Month… “I AM the light of the world.”

              Spirit Lead

                        Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.