10/3/15: “Walking in the Flesh…in the Sinful Ways of the World”

“Walking in the Flesh…in the Sinful Ways of the World”


The law can only show us our sin; it couldn’t save us. Jesus defeated sin by nailing it to the cross, putting

Sin, sickness, and disease were defeated at the cross. He was the perfect, “pure lamb” who was the

sacrifice for our sins; shedding His innocent blood. The blood of animals for years was the only temporary

nothing could wash away our sins permanently. We needed our savior, Jesus, to do this. His blood is

powerful. It conquered ALL!

He paid a debt He didn’t owe- our debt. He took the penalty for us so we wouldn’t have to. He became

sin. He took every sin, sickness, and disease upon Himself and put it to death on the cross. The price

was paid once and for all. It was our price to pay, but He paid it. (In full) Yet, we have to make a choice

to ask and receive forgiveness for our sins.

There are sins (ones we struggle with) which must be crucified.(put to death) Crucifying the flesh doesn’t

feel good, but the end result is life and peace. It was already crucified at the cross, but we must walk in it.

How do we walk in it? We walk in it by, His spirit. Filling our hearts, and minds with His word; prayer,

praise, and worship. You need to have a relationship, daily (moment by moment) with our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ. Knowing Him and abiding in Him. -Ref. John 15:1-9-

We must be filled with His spirit, the Holy Ghost, which is the power of God living inside of us; the same

power that raised Jesus from the dead.

This also changed Peter. He went from fearful and cowardly, to not afraid and full of boldness. He did not

fear man, only God in Holy reverence. –Ref. Matt. 26:33-35, 69-75; Acts.1:4-5, 8; Acts.2:1-4,14; Acts.

Our spirits are reborn, but we still live in a fleshly body, which we must bring into submission to God’s will.

This is putting to death the works of the flesh, desiring to have “Fruits of the Spirit.” (The character of

God) –Ref. Gal.5:16-25; Rom.8:1-12

Pastor Melany Blevins