1/12/16: The “I AM” Statement #4

I AM Statement #4

Staying in the book of John, I AM statement #4 comes from John 10:11,14. Jesus says, “I am

the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.

In contrast to the hired hand in verse 12 Jesus, the “good shepherd” would lay down his life

where as the hired hand, a representative of religious leaders who perform their duties in

good times but in times of danger never display the sacrificial care that it takes to be a good

shepherd. Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross is proof enough that he cares deeply for his

The term “good” carries the idea of nobility in contrast to the “hired hand” who cares only for

It is never too late to become a member of the sheepfold of Christ. No sin is too bad or no

deed unto death. Decide today my friends to serve the Lord.

Spirit Lead

Pastor Terry A. Gordon Jr.