12/01/2018: OH

OH! WOMAN! WHO ARE YOU?                
Before I get too far into this writing I want to say that Women are not punching bags, they are not captive audiences, they are not furniture, or toys to play games with! They are PRECIOUS IN THE EYES OF GOD!!!!!!!
              Steve and Annie Chapman wrote a song many years ago that said: “If you leave a hurt in the heart of your woman, God will not hear your prayers.” Now, please do not mis-understand me here, I once was a man who treated women in the affore mentioned manners, since then I have learned the God truth and now I respect them and care for their protection at all times. God created Woman from Man to be protected, cared for, valued, esteemed, and loved as the fairer sex, He did not make it a suggestion He said it, He meant it, and He will stand by His Word. Woman you are a JOINT HEIR to the Throne of God, this means there is no difference between you and man we are all joint heirs and no one is better or lesser than the other.
              I know that there are many women who would not hear this verse of scripture, but if they are in Christ they will hear it and accept it, as it is from the Word of God. Ephesians 5:22 Wives, be subject to your husbands, as to the Lord 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself Being the Savior of the body 24 But as the church is subject to Christ, So also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.  
            Now, if the husband is not a believer and his ways are not Godly you as the wife are not subject to him in his ungodliness. However in your quietness of spirit you might win him to the Lord. If he feels that he wants to leave away from you, let him leave, you are not subject to him. If a husband is not an orderly husband and is abusive the wife is not obligated to abide with him, as he is abusive. I said in the beginning that a Wife is not a punching bag or any other item to be controlled by man. She is a GIFT TO MAN FROM GOD! And husbands need to glean that truth.  
            On this note I must say Wives remember: be subject to your own husband as the church is to the Lord. If you go against your Godly husband you have erred and God will hold you accountable. One of the tasks God has given to wives to do is to stand by their husband and to pray for his success. Why did God set it up this way? If the husband is successful in life it will flow over to the wife and the family. Pray for his strength that he might be successful in the workforce and provide for his wife. Take care of self that husband has no reason to wander to another. Make him know that he is yours and you are his.  
ATTENTION HERE! I wrote an impartation on the husband for the website, So if there are any questions pertaining to what all I write here, Please go there and read that post.    
            Why, oh why do we strive to control, deceive, and make miserable another person? When your husband asked you to marry him, he as asking you to share his world with him, and to help him along the way, and that he wants to help you along the way. However, somewhere along the way ideals got twisted and the way got slippery at best. Someone made a decision that was not right and life became unbearable for others. My Wife Anne and I have been married going on 25 years now; I can honestly say that prior to our marriage I had no love for her, I didn’t want marriage, I was content to remain single.  
            BUT GOD, intervened, and set up our marriage in His Kingdom for it to happen in our world, and it did, Since our wedding day we have grown closer together, more intimate with each other, more in tune with the needs of the other, and more trusting. It has been a challenge for both of us, what with all of the abuse she had been through, and the problems I had we made it this long. ONLY BY GOD’S LEAD!!!!!!!!  
            I say never take your husband for granted, as he should never take his wife for granted, but Love each other, work together to make the marriage you have right. Build a wall of defense around him daily, that God will see him through and bring him back to you. Build a strong defense around you that you will not be tempted away. God will hear and answer your prayers, when you pray correctly.  
            Take care of yourself, make him desire you more than the job, more than sports, more than anything, except God. strive to keep him YOURS!  
PRAY THIS PRAYER Dear Lord, I ask that You direct me in my life To make my marriage a marriage set apart For You, that in all we do we bring You Glory, Praise, Honor, and Exultation. I ask that, if You are not now, You will Become the CENTER of our marriage and Abide within our unity. Make me the Wife You chose for me to be. I ask this in the Mighty Name of Your Son JESUS CHRIST AMEN!