12/15/2018: Love Is

LOVE IS!!!!!  
              Now I know that you have read the Bible, and you have heard the word preached and taught, maybe even been the one who taught or preached it; but have you truly given much thought to the word and how you use it? Let’s go down a list just to see if eyes get opened, or if it goes un-noticed.
  LOVE IS PATIENT: How often have we been in a hurry to go somewhere or do something and we are held up by another Family member or a  friend, or whomever, and we got frustrated with them for taking so long to get ready? What were the thoughts that raged in your mind, how pleasant were those thoughts?
  LOVE IS KIND: When we are at the supermarket and the cashier is running slowly and we feel anxious and the line is not moving fast enough, or maybe someone jumped in front of you in the line. How about on the roadway and someone decides to cut us off? What words get spoken then? Thoughts?
  LOVE IS NOT JEALOUS: Someone got what we thought was meant for us. A better position, a cute boy, a pretty girl. What we wanted for ourselves. I often thought about an RV = Recreational Vehicle and how much I thought I needed one, and every time I saw another person get one I sort-a-kind-a got jealous.
  LOVE DOES NOT BRAG: During our lifespan we may have accomplished something worth mentioning, and maybe we did a good job and we wanted people to know how we did. And during our time of Bragging on ourselves we may have hurt someone else.
  LOVE IS NOT ARROGANT: Do we have a tendency to boast of our self worth? Are we more valuable to us then we are to others? Do we at times put ourselves in front of others? Are we Prideful?
  LOVE DOES NOT ACT UNBECOMINGLY: Rude in other words. Have we ever been so mean to another person for whatever the reason? Does our expectations often get in the way of others feelings and emotions?
  LOVE DOES NOT SEEK ITS OWN: In all of the above comments we read how seeking our own rights is laid upon us. WE get agitated and we explode at times if we don’t get our way. Do we consider ourselves so important that we must be FIRST and foremost above all others?
  LOVE IS NOT PROVOKED: How easy is it for us to become angry at someone who crosses us or our pathway? When someone tells us that we are not acting in a Godly manner what is the first thing that comes to mind? Are we quick to be offended? I used to fight when someone called me a name other than the one I was born with.
  LOVE DOES NOT HOLD ACCOUNTABLILITIES: Are we holding any grudges against another person, whether a Brother, a Sister (flesh, or spiritual)? Do we remind them of wrongs of the past? How long will we hold them in prison?
  LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS: Is there a possibility that we are so righteous that we wont have anything to do with another?
  LOVE DOES REJOICE IN TRUTH: Maybe, just maybe we can pick up and begin seeking the Truth of any matters of our lives and start to rejoice in them. I think we have a tendency to be joyous in the wrong things.
  LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS: Helping carry another’s burdens, it isn’t hard if one applies themselves to decency.
  LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS: No matter what another tells us, we believe, and if truth comes out and it was not so, we move on, we do not carry any animosity.
  LOVE HOPES ALL THINGS: I Love everybody that I meet and even those whom I have yet to meet, and it is my earnest Hope that they all come to know the Jesus Christ that I serve.
  LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS: All that has been mentioned in this writing is what Love is talking about; enduring the trials and tribulations of this life and world.
  LOVE NEVER FAILS: I am sure that you have heard over and over again that Good conquers over evil. Well, Love conquers hate. Love will last because God IS LOVE and He wants us to know His Love for Us, and that we might begin to LIVE IN HIS LOVE FOR OTHERS!
    PRAY THIS PRAYER   Dear Lord, I ask that in Your time that You teach me How to Love in the same manner as You Love. Grant in me the same ability that You had created For me to have. I would to Love in an Agape manner, And be able to forgive others who hurt me, who Mistreat me and so on. Grant me this Prayer I ask in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ The Only Begotten Son of God AMEN