12/01/2017: GOD’S FEASTS

Leviticus 23:1 & 2 
23:1 The Lord spoke again to Moses, saying,
23:2 “Speak to the sons of Israel, and say to
Them, The Lord’s appointed times which
You shall proclaim as HOLY CONVOCATIONS
          There are Seven Feasts that the Lord God depicts as His Feasts, to be continuously
Kept for all times. The Seven Feasts are basically “DRESS REHEARSELS” for the time when we sit down with Jehovah God in His Kingdom. Notice that the Bible clearly states that these we were under grace and not the Law are God’s APPOINTED TIMES to be kept. I will attempt to bring to light a complete understanding of all seven as best as I can.
# 1. Leviticus 23:5
In the first month, on the fourteenth day
Of the month at twilight is the Lord’s PASSOVER.
[Pesach]Meaning {to pass over}
            Passover and Unleavened Bread: Commemorates God’s deliverance of Israel out of Egypt.
            To the Christian it would symbolize the deliverance out of sin, set free from the Laws of sin and death.
The Christian may have been saved from the Law of sin and death, but has never been set free from the Commandments of God. God made separation between the Laws and His COMMANDMENTS. The Laws that many get confused about are really the Levitical Priestley Laws pertaining to the sacrifices. Jesus said: “DO NOT THINK THAT I CAME TO ABOLISH THE LAWS OR THE PROPHETS;   I DID NOT COME TO ABOLISH, BUT TO FULFILL.” {Matthew 5:17} Jesus fulfilled the sacrifices that were set within the Laws for the sacrifice of sins, and we know that those sacrifices were only good for a short period of time and could never cleanse us from sin.
            Wait a minute there Pastor, I thought we were under Grace and not the Law? Which is it? Well, I am so glad you asked, you see if you are driving a car at approximately 80 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour stretch and get caught by local constabulary are you still under Grace or are you under LAW? Make no mistake about it, the Laws that we have in America were originally written from the Bible. YES!!!! They really came from the Laws of God, and mankind just extended them and made more laws on top of the real ones. So, my Friends, we are still under the Law, however, because of Grace we choose to not BREAK ANY LAWS! RIGHT?????? RIGHT!
            If we, are who we claim to be, do not partake of all seven of the Lord’s Feasts; or APPOINTED TIMES AS UNTO THE LORD, then how can we be, identified as Offspring of Abraham and the Seeds of the Promise? We know that the Seed of Promise partook of the Passover meal and told His disciples that He would not partake again until they all gathered in His Fathers Kingdom.
            Three Feasts of the seven were set up that the Jewish Men were required to go to Jerusalem to APPEAR BEFORE THE LORD, THOSE Feasts are the Feast of Unleavened Bread(which occurs on the day after Passover and last for 7 days. The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost); and the Feast of Tabernacles (Feast of Booths).
            The Seder service is a Memorial set apart by the Lord for a Remembrance of where the Hebrews came from out of bondage,(sin) Egypt. A reminder of the bitterness they endured for over 400 years. The Story if told every year to remind the children of their beginnings in bondage and how God (Jehovah) brought the plagues upon Pharaoh and the Egyptians and how the Hebrews were saved. Again the Passover is AN HOLY CONVOCATION (Holy Assembly) unto the Lord. IT IS THE LORD’S PASSOVER!!!!!!
Lord Jesus, Father God, I pray that You would enlighten me
Through Your Word as to Your Appointed Feasts and
Gatherings. I do not want to miss out on anything
That You have set before me to do. Teach me
Rear me up to become a Child of the King.
I Praise You and Thank You
In the Name of Jesus Christ
Pastor Larry Pinkerton