3/29/16: “Once saved always saved…’NOT’!!!”


Once saved always saved …



Matthew 7:13-14 (READ)


             Here Jesus makes very clear that in order to get to heaven, we must walk a path      that is narrow or a specific order to follow. There will be many who do not.

             Matthew 7:16-20 (READ)

             In these Scriptures we see that , if you are “good” then you bring forth that which is “good”. Things such as drinking, drugs, foul language, disobedience, etc., are NOT “good” and Christians DO NOT do them!


Matthew 7:21-23 (READ)

Here is is made clear, also, that just because you called upon the name of the Lord, DOES NOT mean you’re saved. Jesus makes very clear that it is he who does the will of the Father that goes to Heaven. What is the will of the Father? That we do good and love one another.


Romans 10:9-16 (READ)

In this Scripture, it is made very clear to us that, in order to be saved, it takes more than words. Verse 10 declares that is our heart is right, we will seek righteousness (“Righteousness” means being in right standing with God.)

To willfully sin is an unrighteous act.

We believe with our heart, not our head. Verse 14 is asking, “How can you talk to God if you don’t even know Him?” To know Him is a “heart condition.”


II Peter 2:20-22 (READ)

This says it all


Romans 11:21 &  22

By: Bishop Keith Conard