4/5/16: “God’s House”


God’s House


             I feel led to write this up because there is a forgotten element we must all remember to honor and respect—God’s house, the building of it, the care of it and the understanding of it is vital.


             Until Moses led Israel into the wilderness God simply dwelt among men, wherever they were. But now that He has brought His people together, 2 1/2 million of them, He wants them to see Him (His Glory), and know He is the only True God. Therefore He required that He have a place to dwell other then bushes, mountains, etc.


He again desired to be as close as possible to His chosen people. It began in Exodus 25 when God said, “Let those who have a willing heart bring offerings to establish His house and all of the things in it”. Also in Exodus 35:5 He did not want anyone to give to it except those who really desired to. Read Exodus 35:6-35. The rest of Exodus speaks of all the work and materials it took to build God’s dwelling place and all that went in it. It also gives us a clear understanding of how serious it was. From that point on everything surrounded the Tabernacle.


Tabernacle means a place for worship, worship God. His dwelling place. For years they took the Tabernacle with them wherever they went but after crossing over into the Promise Land it became more stable and remained in one region. It seems that in 1 Samuel 2:22 with Eli being very old and being a priest for a long time it has become a permanent          structure. It also speaks of how his sons disrespected God’s house which they would later pay for with their life 1 Samuel 2:34.


The next major step we see is found in 2 Samuel 7. God commands Nathan the Prophet to instruct  David       concerning building Him (God) a house. The first part of that chapter David makes clear his desire to build a house for God and then God gives the command. Notice again, a willing heart even 400 years later. Now again let’s look at how serious God takes building His house. In verses 12-17 God tells David his son will build His house not David and God will         establish David’s throne (Seed) forever.


So, in 1 Kings 6, Solomon begins to build God’s house and it took seven years to do so. In 1 Kings 8 Solomon celebrates and makes huge offerings unto God for the dedication of the house of the Lord. In this chapter, verses 17-19, it is again rehearsed how David desired to build God’s house but God would not let him.  However, it touched  God and for David’s sake he allowed Solomon to build it. David did play a big part in supplying much treasure for God’s house            beginning in 2 Samuel 18:1-11. Note also 1 Kings 7:51. Solomon’s prayer in 1 Kings 8 at the Temple dedication is very important.


Now in 1 Kings 9 God speaks to Solomon and tells him how to walk in His ways or He will destroy the very house that was built for Him. We cannot do something for God one time or dedicate something unto God and then forget what we have done.


Dedicate means to consecrate for a holy purpose forever. 1 Chronicles 9 begins to give us an understanding of the work it takes to maintain God’s house God’s way. 1 Chronicles 22 speaks of all David laid in store for Solomon to build God’s house and why he could not build it (verse 8). 1 Chronicles 23 again gives us an idea of how important positions and work are in God’s house.


It cannot be just built or bought, it must be cared for and maintained or it displeases God. (1 Chronicles 23:4-32). Temple assignments go on in Chapters 24, 25 and 26. Nehemiah 10:32-39, Chapter 11: 12-36 and Chapter 12 all give us a clear understanding of how vital it was and is to care for God’s house. At this time His house has been destroyed on  several occasions but God has always found those who will rebuild and keep it. Nehemiah 13 tells us of how God’s house was mistreated and how Nehemiah restored it.


We could go on and on with scripture after scripture but to sum it up look at Matthew 21:12-14 where Jesus cast out those who disrespected His house. It’s not enough to be good business minded, we must also be spiritually minded or the house will not stand.


If, after you have studied these scriptures and prayed, I can be of more help let me know.


Bishop Keith Conard